1994 was the year that marked the gambling industry completely. That was when casino licenses were approved for online gambling sites, and people went completely wild with it. Feeling totally free in the comfort of their own homes, people started gambling online as if there was no tomorrow.
That generated rocketing revenues (close to 35 billion dollars) for all online casinos, and of course, rise of competition.
But psychologists investigated more about the behavioral differences between men and women when gambling. The infographic clearly shows that amounts of money, reasons, repeating behavior and favorite types of games are different among the 2 sexes.
In general, life expectancy has increased, and women still live longer than men. Out of 80 years expected to live, a man gambles about 14 months of his life. With 84 years to live, women gamble 21 months of their lives. However, women do gamble much smaller amounts of money.

Source: http://zzzslots.com/