Are you considering switching to vaping? If you’re hoping to make the switch, one of the first things you have to do is choose the ideal type of e-cig for your needs. The problem is that this can also be pretty difficult to get right. Many new vapers end up trying out several different types of e-cig before they settle on the device that’s right for them. Unfortunately, after one or two disappointing experiences, some potential vapers just give up and go back to cigarettes.
This infographic was designed to help people avoid this difficulty. It offers an easy-to-understand description of each type of e-cigarette (split into cigarette-like models, eGo-style refillable options and slightly more complicated “mods”), explains some key benefits and limitations of each, and then offers some pointers to help you understand who each type is best suited to. You’ll still have to think about what you’re personally looking for in a device, but this infographic will help you turn your preferences into a purchase decision. You’ll have successfully switched in no time.