Kallmann Syndrome – Find a best doctor to treat it

The condition is characterized by delayed or absent puberty and an impaired sense of smell. Affected males are usually born with a small penis and undescended testicles. Check out infographic for some details https://www.xpertdox.com/disease-description/Kallmann%20Syndrome

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Farooq Ahmed

Farooq is an entrepreneur, inventor and author. He has been creating and helping businesses for years.He founded Arcift Technologies after having failed to find an excellent firm himself and meeting a whole bunch of people/networks who pretended they had interest in business, they pretended that they knew what they were doing and gave out bad advice on valuation & planning."I was dishearten ... as a natural born entrepreneur and business planner that did not sit well"​I am working hard to bring latest technology research, startups and Industry awareness in Pakistan. I have great interest in Artificial Intelligence, Clean Energy and Space Research.

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