How to litter train your cat? Here is the answer!


Are you a cat owner or planning to bring a kitty home? Then this article will help you. Here in this article, we are going to discuss how to litter train a cat. Naturally, cats stay clean and they have the instinct to discharge in soil or sand. And when we talk about kitten they also start learning to use the litter box by observing their mother. So mostly there are chances when you bring a kitty home she has already learned to use the litter box. If not then we will help you.  Even after going through this you feel you are left with some doubts then don’t stress yourself feel free to –

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A. START FROM THE BEGINNING  – Most of the owners feel that litter box is not among the basic necessities for a kitten. But this is not true. So, soon after you bring your kitten home introduce her to the litter box. This can be done by placing her into the litter box or if she is little uneasy about it then you can help in another way as well. Take her front paws in the box and show her to scratch at the litter by actions.

B. TYPES OF THE LITTER BOXES – There are a variety of litter boxes available offline and online like covered, uncovered, self-cleaning boxes to fit in corners. Covered litter boxes give a sense of priority to the cats and it is safe also. Cats prefer to discharge when nobody’s watching. Self-cleaning litter boxes automatically do the cleanup.Uncovered litter boxes discharge the bad odor of the discharge and easy to use as well.

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