House Buyers vs Selling Agents Timeline- Infographic

Here is an Infographic about House Buyers vs Selling Agents produced by Direct House Buyer, There are many different ways to sell your home but this colourful Infographic particularly focuses on the comparison between the most common method which is via an estate agent and two other routes which are using an Auction House or an Internet House Buyer. It shows an Interesting comparison between the different time frames along with the different types of valuation you can receive for selling your home. It appears that that the quickest method of receiving cash within 7 days could actually be the least favourable option in terms of price, however the house seller will be able to achieve a very quick sale. The next quickest appears to be at the Auction House whereby a sale is completed in 30 days. The traditional method pf selling to an Estate Agent seems to achieve the closest amount to the true market value but the timeframe is unknown. This Infographic shows some convenient information that provides the viewer with answers to common questions that would concern someone who is looking at the different options of selling their house such as valuation, costs and timescale.

House Buyers - DirectHouseBuyer Infographic

by Direct House Buyer

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