Very often we associate weight lifting with bodybuilding. Weightlifting in the traditional point of view is something that will give you a body that says: just look at the muscles, don’t mess with me.

Weightlifting however is far more than that. It is a brilliant and beneficial way of exercising that can burn fat and whip you into shape in no time. Lorne Marr is very familiar with its advantages. “My dad bought me my first weider barbell set at age 12 and I’ve never looked back”, he says.

There are five very good reasons why you should consider making weightlifting part of your fitness routine.

The first is that it burns fat and builds muscle. Other fitness routines such as aerobic exercises are effective at weight loss but in the process you also lose muscle.

Reason number two is that the advantage of weightlifting continues after your exercise session. Lifting weights puts a lot of strain on your muscles and they need time to recuperate. You burn calories during this time which may continue even while you are asleep.

Anyone serious about practicing sport should include this activity as part of the training program. It strengthens connective muscles, reducing the risk of injury.

Like Lorne Marr you should experience the health benefits of weightlifting. It is a great stress reliever. Studies have shown that strong and healthy muscles help blood pressure return to normal quickly after a person has had to deal with a stressful event. This type of training melts away any build-up of fat around body organs. In doing so it reduces the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Because weight training increases strength, it enables you to do more physically challenging work. You can perform more difficult tasks and you can keep going longer.

As you enter the time of life that is known as middle age your body changes. You will lose muscle. Suddenly your clothes no longer fit. Regular weightlifting will prevent natural loss of muscle. It also improves bone density. Older people also often suffer from conditions such as osteoporosis. The bones weaken as we get older. Strength training is a very effective way of preventing that.

Lifting weights does more than just build strong muscles. It is a total exercise program that brings with it not only weight loss but also fitness and health. It improves the quality of life for people of all ages. It helps you look good as well. In the process it is also a confidence builder. Add weights to your fitness program. The advantages are many and varied.