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COBIT Training and certification By Henry Harvin Education

KPMG COBIT Certification Courses

Learn the only business framework of IT governance and IT service management.

1) Classroom Training
2) 2 days/16 hours(8 hours each)
3) Clear the COBIT exam in first attempt
4) Exam preparation section
5) Weekend batch

quality training by senior consultants of KPMG with 14+ years of experience. […]

The 4 Things you Need to Know before Selling your Gold

There are numerous interesting facts about gold, but you should only remember a few of them are when buying and selling gold items. By studying some of these facts yourself, you can increase your safety and spot scammers easily.

The gold buying process should be remembered before jumping into a transaction and with the infographic below you’ll be able to understand and remember the process that […]

6 Steps to Register a Trademark In UAE

Brands are a vital asset. Do your research before investing your time and money in launching a new brand. Make  sure that the brand fits your product/services. The more different your brand from others in your industry makes it easier to be protect. Brands can attract the people with positive feeling and built trust of the customer on your product or services. Trademark your brand and logo with fo […]

Tips to Reduce your Mobile Data Usage on Android Mobiles

Unlimited data plans are seemingly expensive that all of us have to live in fear of exceeding our monthly Smartphone data allowance. But with our 14 simple ways to use minimum mobile data on Android, you’ll never have to worry again. […]

Steps to Clean a Green Pool


You are blessed to live in Southern Florida. However, one of the inconveniences of the warm tropical climate is the tendency of pool water to turn green.

What causes the water in your pool to turn green?

Tiny marine creatures known as algae are the most common culprits and they thrive in Florida‘s warm climate.

 If your pool water is green, don’t worry! 


The Guide to Single Pick Lock Picking

Lock picking is beheld as an extremely difficult and obscure skill that only the naturally gifted could ever have any hope of mastering. But the truth is lock picking is a remarkably simple skill to learn and implement.

The average individual can learn the fundamentals of lock picking and apply it to basic locks within an hour.  One of the most genuine forms of lock picking is that of single pi […]

OPT Jobs in USA

Optional Practical Training (OPT) is a work benefit allowed to international students in F-1 immigration status who are enrolled in, or completing a degree program in the U.S. This employment can be used pre-completion of studies during their degree programme or post-completion of studies, after the student finishes the degree

Optnation provide best OPT & CPT jobs in USA. […]

7 Qualities Of A Good Homes Builder & Developers

If you had to describe the perfect home builder, what would it look like? We start with seven qualities of developers that make a home the most livable and enjoyable.

To know more: […]

Interesting Applications of drones

As the time moves ahead with lots of improvements and advancements stepping into all generation sectors, flying gadget like drones and quadcopters aren’t left in the back of inside the race of evolution by way of inculcating some superior drone technologies in them to offer its clients and drone flyers satisfactory flying experience while doing some work and capturing pics with them which was by n […]

Google Camera App gets update for Nexus Smartphones

Google has changed the default camera app for Nexus devices in big ways. Here we will be looking at all the modifications, changes that new Google camera app brings for all the Nexus devices. As of now this update is rolled out for Nexus 6P, 5X and 6 only. Very soon it will be rolled out for all the remaining Nexus models. With the new app, users will see new camera features that tried to enhance […]

The Downside of 3D Printing Technology

3D printers have become a double-edged sword that is being used for a lot of shady things. While it may still not be an affordable technology for everyone, the misuse of 3D technology is still widespread and happening because it is available in a convenient way to many industrial houses, developers, programmers, and other people who can afford to buy the best in 3D printers, so this is something t […]

Why do people buy funeral plans?

With sales of prepaid funeral plans significantly increasing in 2016, this suggests that people are becoming more aware of the cost of dying – and are starting to fix the cost now, saving those they leave behind free from the financial burden at an already stressful time.

Our infographic highlights the reasons why people buy funeral plans as well as providing other useful facts and figures that […]

Stay Warm and Stylish This Winter with These Boots

Before spending a lot of time looking at different shoe brands, it pays to determine what sort of features and attributes the right pair of boots will possess. Here are some ideas to keep in mind. […]

Are Remote Workers Happier Than Office Employees?

Let’s face it.

Remote work is here to stay. Technology has made it so that communicating with workers around the globe is easier than ever before.

The ability to source the talent on a global scale has given employers the ability to hire the best possible person for the job, regardless of where she lives.

And do me a favor and raise your hand if you’ve ever uttered this before: “I get mor […]

Study About Height Discrimination in 5 Aspects

This study shows the height discrimination in 5 aspects – happiness, sexual attractiveness, marriage, career and politics. Shorter men are often sidelined in the workplace, when it comes to promotions and higher salaries. The lack of confidence also affects short men ability to get into a relationship, and they sometimes end up being single. Women usually look for men who can offer protection. The […]

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