Choosing your Wedding Limo – Things to Consider

Choosing your Wedding Limo – Things to Consider infographic

Weddings are special. They are the type of occasion you have to get right the first time. That is why you will see people spending months and sometimes years planning for it. We are here to look at one crucial feature in the entire arrangement- the transportation car. Listed below are things you ought to consider when shopping around.

The number of guests

How many people will be riding with you to the venue? Depending on the arrangement of transportation, you should be able to get a car(s) that can accommodate all the people who are part of your wedding party. They include all the bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls, and page boys. Make sure you have an actual figure by the time you walk into a car hire office.

The theme

Your wedding theme does not end with the dress code, design, and décor. The car is also part of the entire outlook. It should complement the style. Whether it is a classic or vintage outlook, they should match up.

What is the size of your dress?

The dress has always been the highlight of most weddings. In addition to the many other things it influences, its size plays a great role in determining the car you end up with. You have to pick a convenient car that will accommodate its entire size, length and breadthwise. You wouldn’t want anything to ruin the dress in any way.

Take a look at the car before booking it

In the end, make sure you take a good look at the car before signing the contract. Visit the company’s location and inspect the various options available. You could tag a professional car expert along to help you perform an efficient inspection. It would be unfortunate to have an incredible limo only for it to breakdown at the last minute while transporting the guests.

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