Website Security [Infographic]

Remoter File Inclusion (RFI) attacks account for 25% of all web security threats!
Incapsula, a cloud-based website security and acceleration service provider, has released the results of a 6-month study of more than 500 million sessions, which revealed surprising statistics about RFI attacks and their impact on website security.
These facts and figures are derived from Incapsula’s crowd-sourced database that uses reputation-based algorithms to harden the company’s web application firewall capabilities.

Top 6 Search Engine Optimization

When you think of SEO strategies, you must keep in mind that search engine optimization is a process that takes time to come into effect, and not a magic wand. Therefore, you must have the patience to wait for your website to obtain the required exposure. Whether your business may be solely online, or a brick and mortar setup with an online presence, SEO will help you reach the audience in all corners of the world. There are numerous tactics as far as search engine optimization is concerned although it is necessary to focus on one or two strategies that are particularly beneficial for your business.Have a look to these awesome infographics which help in understanding SEO ;




Fresh Content and High Traffic [Infographic]

How Is Content Marketing Changing SEO? [Infographic]


Proof SEO Methods that Work in 2013 [Infographic]


The Art of Natural Links [Infographic]

Joomla to WordPress Migration: Rich in Details

This infographic will show you how to perform the migration from Blogger to WordPress invisibly and quickly. You’ll be able to track the automated data conversion that will take you no more than a few minutes. Moreover, you won’t face with any migration hassles, just follow all the pre- and post migration steps to make your data conversion secure and accurate.

Brandable .com Infographic Explains It All

Properly naming your website is important if you want your online venture to be successful. This is a crucial aspect that you cannot overlook whether you are launching a business site or putting up a personal blog. This infographic explains how domain names impact SEO efforts and search rankings , Have a look to this infographic:

Finding the Type of Hosting Provider That is Right for You

Everything is moving to the Cloud!

Whether you are a blogger, a small business, a software development team or a large multi-national corporation, your requirements for finding a Cloud hosting provider for your site or application will vary greatly.

The fact is Cloud hosting providers are anything but alike. They have contrasting strengths and weaknesses and offer up drastically different value propositions. It is a matter of comparing them on the right terms and asking the right questions.

We take you on a mini-road trip that will hopefully answer most questions and allow you to get a better understanding of the landscape and get you going in the right direction to finding the hosting provider that’s just right for you.