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Sinelogix Technology provides a customize entertaining Logo and Graphic Design suitable for your business requirement, providing explicit patterns, representing your brand and product globally. 

Why Is Filemaker Pro so good and so popular

With more than fifteen years of FileMaker development experience,The Alchemy Group can provide you with a custom software solution that can help hone your business. We provide our customers with elegant, yet powerful solutions to suit any need. And the cost of development and deployment of our solutions is significantly less than “big iron” enterprise databases.

Our FileMaker developers specialize in learning how your business works, then build a system that emulates and enhances those processes. A solution from The Alchemy Group will be flexible and scalable, giving it great longevity. We have experience in the areas of manufacturing, customer relations management (CRM), point of sale (POS), service-oriented businesses, and many other aspects of business operations.

Development at The Alchemy Group is performed on the powerful FileMaker database platform, for Windows and Macintosh.

The Alchemy Group is a Filemaker Business Alliance Platinum Member, and AG president Bob Shockey serves on the Advisory Board for FileMaker Developers in Southern California (FMDiSC) a respected FileMaker developer group numbering over 160 members in Southern California.


The Benefits Of Responsive Web Design

In Today’s world people are using internet on their mobiles and tablets more than their desktop. Google also directs for making our website responsive. There are many benefits of responsive website like help in ranking in the SERP, better user experience, growth in sale and revenue, easy and fast monitoring and saving time as well as money.

How to gain online reputation through guest blogging

online reputation
Getting online reputation is not easy, but the guest blogging is the only way to get your ranking easily. There are multiple angles that you can play using guest blogging from customer acquisition to building layered empire of wealth.

Hope you will like reading this master piece and appreciate my designing skills. I have spent 1 month, while designing and it’s my last work since last september.

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Infographic – Pick Up the Best Domain Name Using these Rules

Are you confused about picking up a right domain name? You should refer to some good informative websites for getting good tips on choosing a right domain. Gathering information will help you make a wise choice.
resource – name choosing tips

UAE Mobile Stats for Web Surfing

There is a storm in the Middle East. Social media has taken over the Emirates like a storm. The latest research by Social Media Today shows that almost 92% of the population is an internet user. Users come from all walks of life and share diverse range of content. Dubai serves as a global village with an increasing ex-pat population and a regional mix of cultures from the Sub-continent. Social media presence is at 54% allowing for users to express themselves. E-commerce is a driving force in the adoption of internet with as many as 45% of the total population of UAE has bought something online. These numbers mark a bright future for budding businesses. The need to have a strong online presence is greater now than ever.

DM infographic

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Great web design and hosting is necessary for web marketing

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