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The Evolution of Home-Cinema Audio Set-ups (Infographic)

From 1930’s to 2015 Home-Cinema Audio Set-ups

Monophonic Speakers
Dolby Stereo
Dolby 5.1
Dolby 7.1
Dolby 9.1 Pro Logic LLZ
Dolby Atmos

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Infographic – Pick Up the Best Domain Name Using these Rules

Are you confused about picking up a right domain name? You should refer to some good informative websites for getting good tips on choosing a right domain. Gathering information will help you make a wise choice.
resource – […]

Printing Labels of all shapes and sizes

Labels in all shapes and sizes
We rely on printed labels to give us essential information about what we’re buying and using, but their size, shape and design may also influence our choices. Let the Super Heroes, led by Super K, give you a guided tour.

Super K -Large packages and containers need bigger labels, so having a label printer that can produce big labels is essential. It’s really […]

Powerful images: Powerful labels

Powerful images:  Powerful labels
Strong, simple and instantly recognisable, there are some images which appear time and time again in label printing and label design.  Let’s take a look at some of these classics of the labelling world.

The tower – a symbol of strength and integrity.Giving an impression of unshakeable resolve and steadfastness, both in the product or institution itself a […]

What Happens in 24 hours

Time is on our side. Yes it is. Well at least it is according to Mick Jagger. When it comes to the world of technology a lot happens in a 24 hour period these days. Take a look at this informative infographic we put together that shares all the many wonderful things that happens every 24 hours in the tech world. Prepare to be amazed!

Infographic by Your Ad Squad LLC […]

Cool Uses for Drone Video

With the recent laws in place regarding drones and how the FAA has clamped down on allowing drones to fly without any regulation whatsoever, many companies have found that drones can provide some great purposes for commercial use, but only if done by somebody that follows FAA rules and regulations so they don’t interfere with air traffic.

The infographic below details some cool uses for drone v […]

Integrating Evernote With Your Task App

Stop using Evernote as a task manager. Get tasks out of Evernote and into the dedicated task app of your choice. Learn multiple Evernote integration types, including reminders, notes, and checklists. Compare the Evernote integrations offered by over a dozen task apps. Connect 3rd party services that integrate Evernote with any task app. […]

Powered by Tech

Certified and Accredited repair services. We fix and repair Cell Phones, Desktops, Laptops, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Tablets, Video Game Consoles, Liquid Damage, Broken Screens on Gadgets, Soldering. We also sale Computer & Gadget Accessories. Buy and Sell Tablets, Phones, Computers. Call us today for pricing and details about how we can assist you! […]

Strategic Priorities for Omnichannel Retailers over next 3 years

Stores remain the center of Action

Experiential kiosks with augmented reality, interactive digital displays, digital signage, location based personalization, are multiple initiatives retailers are considering for 2015 and beyond
Digital Advisory Sales Tools and technologies to equip associates with in-the moment 360-degree view on customer, enterprise level inventory information, […]

Voltage Converter Transformer Buying Guide

This buying guide was carefully developed to assist you through the process of buying a voltage converter. All of the information you may need to make an informed decision about the voltage converter or product that will better suit your individual needs.

Source : Voltage Converter Transformer Buying Guide […]

How Electric Vehicles Are Changing The World (Infographic)

Electric cars are here to stay. Whether they’re personal vehicles made using hybrid technology, or new forms of public transport, these electric conveyances are the future of economical, ecological travel. This infographic compares the current market, and looks to the future.–PPCGB


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25 Must-Have Apps for Car Owners (Infographic)

Most people in the Western World use cars as part of their daily routines – and there’s nothing that makes these routines easier than modern technology. This infographic gives an overview of some of the most useful apps to help you run, finance and even find your car. How many have you tried?–PPCGB



The Power Washers

The Power Washers

We have been power washing for over 15 years and know the “ins and outs” of the industry. We’ve worked with many of the major commercial property maintenance companies regionally and are a highly sought after subcontractor for commercial jobs ranging from the huge to the boutique. […]

Android vs.iPhone Comparison

Today we’ve done an Android vs iPhone comparison of the two major and most popular cell phone operating systems.  Which one do you like and use?  C’mon – we know that there are very strong opinions on Android vs. iPhone, so we can’t wait to hear from you on this!

Source: […]

Mobile phone signal boosters and repeaters UK

There are many reasons why you might be suffering from a poor signal the most common reasons are poor network coverage and buildings obstructing mobile signals. A mobile signal booster will amplify a poor signal from outside your home or business giving you an un-interrupted and full signal. At we like to do things differently and put you, the customer at the heart of e […]

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