Some Tips For Senior Travellers

Senior living community Gardens at Spring Shadows presents best tips for senior travellers.

5 Types of Women the Ride Motorcycles

The different types of women that you will encounter while out riding around on your motorcycle are summed up into 5 different types. There are more and certainly there are plenty of women that fall into one or more, but these 5 types of women that ride motorcycles are the most prevalent. The chopper, harley, cafe racer, sport bike, and dirt bikes all have certain attitudes and preferences that go with each.  Some of these women you will find wearing proper protection on their bikes, and others will be wearing whatever looks good in the moment. Regardless, we think that you will enjoy being able to spot these noticeable differences the next time that you are out and about. Which one are you?

Find out your own hair type with this infographic!

Knowing your hair type can be a tremendous help when choosing the best hair product. Getting the wrong product can even be damaging for your hair! That’s why we made a hair type infographic to help you with your quest to the ultimate product for your hair!

What is Bullying – Infographic

This month marks the eighth annual National Bullying Prevention Month – a campaign dedicated to educating and raising awareness of bullying and how it can be prevented. Bullying can ruin the lives of those affected and victims are often too scared or embarrassed to speak out. As a parent, carer, or teacher, knowing how to spot the signs of bullying can help to prevent it. Here is an exclusive Monitronics infographic to give you the vital information about bullying and how you can help those you care about.

By : Monitronics Home Security

What O’ Clock Are You? By

Alarm clocks of some kind have existed since people have had jobs and although we’re not always happy when that alarm clock slices through our gentle slumber, all of us agree that an alarm clock is a useful device.

However, not everyone has the same attitude towards their alarm clock and with many setting their alarm clock for the first time in weeks following the summer holidays, have created this fun infographic to help identify your alarm clock personality.

Different Types of Nursing Degrees [Infographic]

If you are thinking about a career in nursing, there are several nursing degree options available to you. Depending on your current qualifications and future job aspirations, you may choose certificate, diploma, undergraduate or graduate nursing degree programs. In addition, nursing schools may offer either on-campus or online nursing programs; with some offering both. Before you make any decision on which school or program to go to, be sure therefore you find out if the program is accredited and what are the pass rates of graduates from the school in professional nursing examinations like the NCLEX-RN.