Infographics -People Love Their Tablets

In a quest to see just how popular the tablet has become we took to the historical streets of Durham.
Armed with just a clipboard and pen we asked 100 people 10 questions about their tablets.
1. Do you own a tablet?
2. Do you access social networks with your tablet?
3. Do you use your tablet to listen to music?
4. What about viewing movies?
5. Do you read books on your tablet?
6. Have you ever used your tablet while on the toilet?
7. What about in the bath?
8. Do you use your tablet to make purchases with online?
9. What size screen is your tablet?
10. How much time do you spend on your tablet a day?

It was quite surprising to see how many people used their tablets in the bathroom, particularly the bath, which we don’t recommend anyone should do.

A Critical Look at Blackberry Q10

BlackBerry Q10 is both a QWERTY and a touch screen phone. It is the first QWERTY device launched by company after introducing the BB 10.1 software. Luckily the Q10 has this software. Also it a dual-core processor clocked at 1.5GHz.

BlackBerry Q10 is special because it is the first QWERTY phone with the BB10 software. In addition to a physical keypad, the Q10 also offers convenience of touch screen. Its 3.1 inch large touch screen displays the digital keys in 720 x 720 pixels resolution. It is like a hybrid of a keypad phone with a Smartphone.

Q10 at a glance

The phone packs a 1.5 dual-core processor with 2GB of RAM and 16GB expandable memory. For high speed data download, it has 4G LTE connectivity features. Q10 carries an 8MP rear camera and a 2MP front sensor. Physical design of the phone makes it convenient and presence of physical buttons further enhance its functionality.

It is how BB Q10 could be described in simple words. Users would look only at its hardware and miss its special features. The phone has been launched and it’s a surprise that the manufacturer hasn’t received any complaint or found any issue with the functionality or usability of the phone. It carries a price tag of £600 and that could be the only consideration with the phone. But contract phone buyers need not to worry about the price as leading network carriers are offering lucrative deals on the phone.

BlackBerry is facing tough competition from Samsung and HTC. Also it has been accused of making QWERTY phones only. With Q10, BlackBerry has silenced all the queries, accusations and challenges thrown by the competitors. BlackBerry Q10 has both a physical and a digital keypad. It includes BB 10 software that provides greater freedom to Smartphone users. 3.1 inch screen looks small in comparison to the display of Samsung Galaxy S4 but after watching a video on Q10, you would come to the conclusion that this handset is good if not better than Galaxy S4.

Nearest rivals

BlackBerry Z10 is nearest rival of Q10 but this handset is also capable of competing with the likes of Apple, Nokia, LG and Sony. Again take the display for an instance. Q10 display resolute 329 pixels per inch that is equal to if not better than the iPhone 4S retina display that is only 330ppi. Text on the BlackBerry Q10 display is as sharp and readable as it is on iPhone 4S. Similarly you could compare BB 10 with iOS 6 and found both the platforms equal on many counts.

The hardware of the phone is just perfect but people who have used top-end Android phones would find it a little slow but that’s not a big issue as juggling through the menu and jumping back to home page is prompt on Q10. It is only when opening apps that the user would find the phone taking a fraction of a second in comparison to Samsung Galaxy S4.

It’s difficult to please everyone all the time. There would be issues related to the functioning and usability of the BlackBerry Q10 but the issues raised by rivals shouldn’t be taken seriously as there is hardly any phone that has no issues.

PhoneGap – the Swiss Army Knife of Mobile Application Development

PhoneGap, also known as Apache Cordova, is a technology that lets programmers build a mobile application and then wrap it in the PhoneGap framework that can be installed as a native mobile application across multiple mobile device platforms easily. PhoneGap has significance for both business owners looking to develop a mobile application for their business and programmers looking into developing cross platform mobile applications quickly and with less effort.