#FashTech: Technology Meets Fashion

This info-graphic features FashTech products these products are perfectly fashionable and well technology sound, also capable enough to perform various tasks. For example smart belt with sensors to adjust the tightness automatically. Smart helmet with head-up display are capable of providing riders with the information about the road layouts, speed-distance matrix and GPS. To know more about all such products please refer info-graphic.

#FashTech: Technology Meets FashionInfographic created by : Secret Vintage Collection

5 Things You Need To Know About Aran Sweaters – An Infographic

The Aran Jumper or Sweater takes its name from its original home the Aran Islands, which are a group of three islands off the west coast of Ireland. The 1,200 inhabitants of the Islands primarily speak Irish (Gaelic) as well as fluent English. The Aran Sweater found its name in popular culture in the United States when it was featured in Vogue in the 1950s. The original sweater was water resistant due to the lanolin (a wax like substance) secreted by the sheep from which the wool used to knit the jumper was taken from. It was primarily the Islanders wives who knit these jumpers before mass production took place in modern times. The Aran Jumper or Sweater is distinguished by the unique pattern, which is evident throughout the garment particularly on the chest. Inhabitants of the Islands have been producing local versions of the sweater for several centuries but it is believed that the current knitting pattern was invented in the early 1900s. This was due to the Islands women thinking beyond their own homes with a view to producing a jumper that would sell. The commercially available Aran knitted patterns were produced in the 1940s. The jumper’s popularity was added to in the 1960s when the Irish folk group The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem made it their trademark. They wore the Aran Jumper on a televised performance for John F Kennedy and they also appeared on the Ed Sullivan show with it. You can see from the infograph the history and background to the Aran Sweater and its patterns.

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The Inactivity Epidemic: How to Activate Your Workplace

Exercise is absolutely essential to a healthy lifestyle. But is it the only piece in the health puzzle? Researchers are learning that the body uses energy in many ways—and we burn calories at different rates when sitting, standing, and moving.

With our super comfortable couches at home, cars on the go, desk chairs at work, and benches at the park, it’s no wonder we find ourselves sitting for most of the day. But when we make one small adjustment, we can completely transform our daily calorie burn and ultimately our health.

Top 10 Celebrity Weddings on St. Valentines’ Day

Top 10 Celebrity Weddings on St. Valentines’ Day

Valentines’ day is celebrated primarily by lovers, who step into a new relationship or cherish their union after years of commitment. Some couples aim for a grand wedding ceremony, and thus they decide upon tying the knot on February 14, i.e., Valentines’ Day. Let’s take a short tour to know details of stardom weddings, which took place on this beloved day of the Georgian Calendar.


Do You Look Better in Silver or Copper Jewelry?

You know your outfit needs a little something, but what type of jewelry should you wear? Some women prefer classic gold; others think silver is more modern. Copper is especially hip right now. So based on your hair color, eyes, and skintone, should you wear silver or copper? We at Mexican Silver Store have put together an infographic to help you decide. Check it out, and then treat yourself to some of our sterling silver or copper jewelry once you know which will flatter your coloring!


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Winter Is Coming! Try These Great Natural Remedies


Winter is coming!
Stock up your pantry with nature’s immune boosters. Feel like you have a cold on the way? Try vitamin C & yoghurt. If things get tough, there is always salt water, ginger & honey. This infographic has them all.

Source: https://funifi.com/blog/winter-is-coming-try-these-great-natural-remedies-infographic/

12 Interesting Facts about Pandora Jewellery Brand


Pandora a renowned jewellery brand has achieved number of milestones during its journey started since 1982. Today company is listed in NASDAQ and OMX Copenhagen Stock Exchange. Pandora is certified by the Responsible jewellery council. Pandora is committed for delivering 100% genuine jewellery made from sterling silver, 14ct gold and other precious stones. Each piece of Pandora jewellery is hand crafted. Bracelets, charms, rings, necklace, pendants or anything from Pandora is perfect for trendy look and always admirable by chic people.

In this infographic, I have described some interesting figures about company’s growth in very attractive visual-info manner. I hope this will be helpful for all those people who love branded jewellery, who love brand. This infographic may be useful source for brand analyst and brand managers as well.

Most expensive antiques finds on Antiques Roadshow

most expensive antiques
Via: partnerantiques.com

Most expensive antiques finds on Antiques Roadshow are 1. Rhino Horn Teacups ($1.5 Million) 2. Jade Bowls ($1.07 Million) 3.Anthony van Dyck Painting ($673,000) 4. Oil Painting by Clyfford Still ($500,000) 5. Peanuts Comic Strip ($450,000) 6. Navajo Chief’s Blanket ($350,000-$500,000) 7. Seymour Card Table ($250,000) 8. 18th century Prussian Plate ($185,000) 9. Rare Edgar Allen Poe Daguerreotype ($50,000) 10. Rare Victorian Brooch ($18,500).


Things you need when you’re going to the hostel

If you are going to hostel for an accommodation you may need some things at the time of accommodation. Here you can find what you need when you are living in a hostel and check whether you are packing it or not.

Things you need when you're going to the hostelSource: http://www.hosteltracer.com/rspage.php


The Watches of James Bond Infographic


James bond has acted as an influential men’s style icon more than any other fictional character, putting large, luxury sport watches on the map as sexy, suave, and manly. Ian Fleming the creator of James Bond himself wore a Rolex model 1016 and is the only type of watch Fleming describes Bond wearing in the novels.

Source: http://blog.dreamchrono.com

Infographics for Relationship Facts Revealed

If men start friendship with women or girls means not that he loves you or wish to make life partner. All men are dog and always that focus on ready girls for sex in short time when girls nature are opposite she like to spend whole life with single men or completely depend on that. So clear this relationship doubt we create iconography for that to clear mind.

We are very surprise when know that women speak 7000 word per day and men 2000 word per day to daily talking. Next is spend time to get ready for first date that also more in women. Single women take minimum 1 hour of time to get ready for first date while men are ready in 15 minutes to look attractive.

Most of girls think that if i am were short dresses or show of my leg than she impress more on men. Then its clear that men always like red clothes were by women on date and also women like blue color clothes on men. So, careful while choosing dress for first date.

One more thing that surprise you that 38% men invite you for third date to having sex while women mind is not that much fast to doing sex. This is all scenario while you dating physically.

If you are register here than we take surety that within a day you get girls who directly ask you for sex and your that much time west behind girls is secure. if you wish only one night stand

And also if you like to start long term relationship than also we have lots of girls to enjoy real love.


Relationship Facts Revealed Infographic

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