Top 10 United States Meeting Destinations

There is a lot to think about when planning a meeting. This infographic breaks down the top 10 United States meeting destinations by meeting space, amount of hotels/rooms, average temperatures, and a host of additional information. A must for anyone planning a company meeting or event. Brought to you by Tim Decker


Is Hadoop ruling over the job sector?

Research across the globe shows that Hadoop market is set to touch $13.9 billion by 2017. The growth is predicted to be increasing at a rate of 54.9% from 2012 to 2017. Hence, it does not come as a surprise that Hadoop as a job skill is now one of the most demanded one. The following infographic explains why Hadoop is one of the hottest skill set in respect of jobs, salary and hiring companies.

What Is Safety Signs And Does Every Possible Risk Needs A Safety Sign?

Nothing is more important than keeping your employees, visitors and of course yourself safe from any harm or danger at the workplace. However, there is a strong myth that is every risk or hazard requires a safety sign, which is completely untrue. Using or hanging too many signs on the work site will be ignored or will not be read, so use safety signs only where there is a significant danger or serious risks that is unavoidable or uncontrollable.