Top SEO Myths

SEO myths infographic throws the light on commonly held SEO misconceptions and reveals the truth of what really works in Search Engine Optimization.

SEO Myths

Core Google Services Your Business Should Be Using

Essential Google services for business

Fertile Frog describes the importance of having the right tools to be able to successfully run a business that has an online presence. In a day of technology, most people search online for products and services before deciding whether to purchase or use those services. Google’s plethora of tools helps monitor traffic, measure goals and conversions, as well as enabling collaborative working. Check out our infographic for more information on 6 of our favourites!

Don’t Kill Your Phone with a Dodgy Charger

Most of us now rely on our smartphones to make every day a little bit easier, so you’d probably feel lost without yours. This infographic gathers together all the info you need to know on the many dangers of fake mobile phone chargers and how to avoid putting your treasured phone at risk by buying a cheap charger built with substandard components.

Dont kill your phone infographicSource: Dont kill your phone infographic from Electrical Safety First.

Is Hadoop ruling over the job sector?

Research across the globe shows that Hadoop market is set to touch $13.9 billion by 2017. The growth is predicted to be increasing at a rate of 54.9% from 2012 to 2017. Hence, it does not come as a surprise that Hadoop as a job skill is now one of the most demanded one. The following infographic explains why Hadoop is one of the hottest skill set in respect of jobs, salary and hiring companies.