What is the Best Cordless Vacuum for Pet Hair

Have a look to this infographic showing Best Cordless Vacuum for Pet Hair;


Infographic: Outdoor Kitchen Design: Tips for Portland Landscaping

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This infographic was submitted to us by Landscape East & West.

I love the localized tips for an outdoor Portland patio. It’s interesting to learn just how warm, rainy, windy, etc. Portland tends to be so one can gauge what type of considerations need to be made for an outdoor kitchen. Personally, at below 40 degrees I’d be unlikely to cook outside, heating lamps or not, but I can imagine plenty of grill-loving folks who would!

In an “anatomy of” section like the first section of this infographic, it’s ideal to make all callouts relevant to something in the main illustration, and the designer has done a great job of that! The first section transitions well into a stat-focused section using a combination of data visualization and iconography to illustrate the information. We get a clear picture of the average spend and dedication American homeowners have to home improvement, and what they commonly spend on.

In all I’d give this infographic an A-. I’d just love to see a concluding sentence/lasting impression at the end of the infographic so that it doesn’t abruptly end on the most common renovations.

Infographic: Sports Job Madness

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This infographic was submitted to us by WorkinSports.com

There are some great March Madness stats here! It’s amazing how much post-season expenditure there is for March Madness, and the round-the-clock coverage in the early days of the tourney is impressive, too.

I like the use of the line graph for College Jobs Posted and the bar graph for 2013 Post Season Advertising Revenue — it’s always good to visualize data where you can, whether with icons or charts/graphs/quantagrams.

I would like to see a bit of organization here, though. There aren’t really any sections — each stat is its own independent entity on the infographic and the viewer isn’t sure whether to read left-to-right, top-to-bottom, or any other way. Be sure that your infographic guides the viewer so there’s no ambiguity about what information they should view next!

Also, check for consistency in your copy. For example, by the jerseys is a list of how many jobs each company posted last year — Nike’s job count is formatted “1,345″ with a comma, while Under Armour’s is formatted “1276″ without a comma. Make sure to proof thoroughly to make sure your infographic looks 100% professional.

In all I’d give this infographic a B-, because organization is pretty important. If the viewer gets lost or feels confused they might abandon the infographic before viewing all it has to offer!

Positive Thinking Tips 2014

Change of diet will not help a person who will not change his thoughts.

When a person makes his thoughts pure, he no longer desires impure food.”

– As a Man Thinketh

• Love yourself. When you anticipate that other individuals will love and venerate you, you have to cherish yourself first. Make a positive duty to enhance yourself in taking in, work, family, growing fellowships, acknowledging nature, and seeking after beneficial reasons. Acclaim yourself to the extent that you laud others. When you begin feeling certain about yourself, positive musings will commonly stream.

• Know yourself. There is no better individual on the planet who can tell who you truly are. Know your enthusiasms, needs, likes and standards. Guarantee you set aside some time every week for appearance toward oneself in isolation. Assuming that you know yourself well, you will be cognizant of how far would you be able to go physically, rationally, and inwardly.

• Balance your goals. We live in a position of alternate extremes and duality – increase and misfortune, delight and torment, light and dim, male and female, love and disdain. This is the way life is. We can never have all the great things in life in the meantime. In adoration, now and again somebody gets harm. In riches, there will dependably be individuals who are wealthier and poorer than you. Balance is one essential key to satisfaction.

• Be reasonable. Verify that what you need is something conceivable. Trusting for something to happen which might never truly emerge in genuine will just carry you frustration. For example, you may wish to get thinner. Thus, you need to set an objective and follow up on fitting measures inside a time of time to accomplish what you wish. Nobody can get slimmer overnight. Don’t want supernatural occurrences or fast fixes, for they are sometimes the genuine article.

• Learn from encounters. Taking in a classroom is manner not quite the same as taking in genuine living. In school, one takes in the lesson first before taking an exam. In genuine living, one takes the test first before taking in the lesson. The test in the genuine is our encounters. Assuming that we fizzled in that test, i.e. the experience is not very great, we consider the circumstances and take in the lesson. From here, we can abstain from conferring the same misstep twice.

• Be disconnected from the result. It is off and on again said that life is similar to a ferris wheel; at times, you’re on the top, and once in a while at the base. There will definitely be times in our lives where a few things don’t turn out as per how we arrange or need. Try your hardest in paramount things, yet don’t be excessively disturbed in the event that you don’t get what you crave as a few things are not intended to be. Don’t be excessively connected on effects alone, as this sole center can just cause disillusionments and surprises. Frequently, it is the excursion and encounters that might be esteemed and prized.

• Keep a rundown of your objectives and activities. Set objectives you need to finish and guide your arrangement to accomplish them. When you are sure of what you need to do and complete in your life, a stronger brain and self control will typically accompany.

• Keep your brain concentrated on vital things. Picture satisfying your objectives. Create a technique for managing obstructions and issues. Focus on imperative things that need to be considered important, yet in the meantime, require significant investment to unwind and revel in. With a crisp and clear personality, there’s a higher possibility of triumph.

Forgive. Mix-ups and disappointments are the underlying drivers of negative considering. Assuming that we some way or another figure out how to relinquish the torment, distress, and alarm we attempt to keep inside, it will be less demanding to express our great expectations and contact other individuals. Excuse yourself as well as other people for conferring oversights and the same time.

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Infographic: Stop Running From Your Home Energy Bill

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This infographic was submitted to us by HomeSecurity.io

A lot of compelling stats here make a great case about how much energy we waste and how much money we’ll save by shutting a few things off! It’s also a great example of an infographic that doesn’t necessarily use data visualization (graphs, charts, quantagrams) but uses illustrations and icons as subject reference to make a similar point. For example, the $21 light bulb is represented by, well, a light bulb, instead of 21 $1 bills or some other data reference.

It also does a pretty good job of balancing useful information and product pitch. Consumers don’t like to be inundated with a sales pitch from the start, so starting off your infographic with unbranded information is the best approach. From there, you can choose a brief intro to the product, a call-to-action, or simply your logo. Since the viewer’s already gained something useful from the start of the infographic (they’ve been introduced to the problem), they may be more receptive to seeing information about a product since it’s a potential solution.

In all I’d give this infographic an A- since it keeps text light and imagery relevant. The minus is because after introducing the product, it doesn’t actually tell viewers where to go or who to contact to get the service. If this infographic were shared on another blog, the only identifying info would be “ADT Authorized Dealer,” which doesn’t tell them who the vendor is. Make sure that once you hook a potential lead, they have the info they need to contact you!

Infographic: Happy Valentine’s Day from HCL

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This infographic was submitted to us by HCL Nursing.

This has some great stats about the love holiday! From how many Brits celebrate Valentine’s Day to historical context for the holiday and other love traditions, it spans a good range of information. It was interesting to learn that a factory that makes candy hearts has such a high level of coworker relationships!

It’d be great to see a little less dependence on text, using visuals to showcase the information more. I think the 59% of Brits celebrating is data visualization as it looks like roughly 59% of the UK is shaded in — but that’s the only instance of it throughout. The 10 beds to 400 beds visual could have used quantagrams to convey the increase, and same for the Lovehearts stat. Use visuals instead of text wherever possible to keep your infographic easy to digest!

In all I’d give this infographic a B-. It stays short overall but there’s a fair amount of text in the second half of the IG, and it would be nice to see a few more visuals that assist the text content.

Is Hadoop ruling over the job sector?

Research across the globe shows that Hadoop market is set to touch $13.9 billion by 2017. The growth is predicted to be increasing at a rate of 54.9% from 2012 to 2017. Hence, it does not come as a surprise that Hadoop as a job skill is now one of the most demanded one. The following infographic explains why Hadoop is one of the hottest skill set in respect of jobs, salary and hiring companies.

Infographic: Five Renovations that Add Value to Your Home

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This infographic was submitted to us by Citizens Bank, who also provided this description:

If you’re getting tired of your outdated home but aren’t looking to move right now, consider remodeling. Home renovations are a great way to help you fall in love with your home all over again while adding value at the same time. Certain popular renovations like a roof replacement or a new patio can make your home beautiful and improve its resale value. Depending on the type of improvement, some renovations can even help you save money on your heating and electric bills. Though improvement projects can become expensive, a home equity loan or home equity line of credit is a great way to help you finance your renovations and capitalize on their ROI.

This is an informative guide for homeowners who are perhaps looking to sell their home in the future. What renovation will get you the best ROI? At a glance, looks like fiber-cement siding, at 78%! How can I tell that at a glance? Because this infographic utilizes keys and font sizes to emphasize what the most basic/critical information is — so a simple scroll through each set of “Cost” and “ROI” numbers reveals the best number pretty quickly (with data visualization to help gauge ROI).

There are a few exceptions to this clarity — perhaps the addition of a full bath (which increases home value 10-20%) might be worth more, but since it’s presented a bit differently, it’s tough to tell.

I spotted a typo (#4, Patio Upgrade: the blue box reader “Average cost of hot water hear/boiler,” where “hear” should be “heater”) — it’s definitely tough to catch every little thing, but it’s also really important for maintaining a professional appearance.

In all this is a good guide for folks looking for ballpark estimates on home renovation values, and I’d give it an A- just for those couple of details!