The Perfect Pairs

Have a look to this infographic which contains much information in it :

Infographic Supplied by Anatomic Shoes

8 Colour Schemes From Nature For Your Home and Mind (Infographic)

Cool Cucumber
Morning Grapefruit
Coco Loco
Feeling Figgy
Spring Floweer
Deep Avocado
Pomegranate Molasses

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The Complete Guide To Psychological Tricks To Boost Purchases (Infographic)

Are you running an ecommerce website?
Want to boost your conversion rate?

Social Proof
Pricing Tactics
Scarcity, Fear of Missing Out (FoMO) or Loss Aversion
Site Layout and Colours
Photography and Video
Closing the sale at checkout
Reciprocation and Commitment

Now you’re ready to succeed.

Take these mind-tricks and turn casual users into loyal buyers!

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The World’s Most Popular Websites (Infographic)

Overall Top 10
Note: All Rankings are Based on Alexa

1. Google
2. Facebook
3. Youtube
4. Baidu
5. Yahoo
6. Amazon
7. Wikipedia
8. Tencent QQ
9. Twitter
10. Tao Bao

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How to Train for ICD-10 Codes?


Lately, I’ve come across a lot of Health IT vendors who are placating their clients by telling them to sit back, relax and let their EHR handle the ICD-10 transition. Though, the right EHR will play a crucial role in your ICD-10 success, a topic we will touch upon in the coming few days, please know there is no substitute for training and preparedness. Physicians and their staff must practice coding in the new environment and the sooner you adjust your workflows to make that happen the better.

On our part, we can only help you in your learning curve. Our Road to ICD-10 series did just that for most physicians. We helped you make crucial decisions regarding the future of your practice and also suggested ways to improve physician documentation to meet medical necessity under ICD-10 without landing up in fraudulent coding audits.

We also shared a freebie, a Common Code ebook, for some specialties to help you with your training. But please be advised that such coding books can only help you so far. You must make sure you learn the usage of ICD-10 codes and its corresponding documentation to avoid unnecessary payment disruptions come October 1. Read more Top EHR Reviews.

How Mindfulness Can Change Your Life (Infographic)

Being mindful is basically a very hard thing to ask for a person, of which not everybody has the chance to work on it. And indeed, being sensitive of mindfulness needs a lot of efforts to feel for others. True enough, this can really make a big difference in one’s life.

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APA, MLA, Harvard – Citation Styles Visualized

Research has shown that people get far better understanding from a visual resource than from printed text. This goes for students too. So, as you struggle with format styles – APA, MLA, or Harvard – you can put away your style guide and use this infographic instead. Think of the benefits:

  1. Each style is separated for easy reference.
  2. Every visual example is supported by simple explanations out to the sides.
  3. No more flipping through the pages of a guide to find the small detail you need
  4. Everything you want is on a single page
  5. You have perfect examples of every type of citation you might need

You can copy and paste this infographic onto your desktop for immediate access whenever you need it.

Don’t ever worry about any detail of a format style being forgotten or incorrectly done again. You now have your perfect “cheat sheet”.

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10 Best Mustang Movies of All Time

We all have our favorite movies. Some like westerns while others like romantic comedies. Here at Car Computer Exchange we love movies with Mustangs in them. We’re not talking the four legged variety of Mustang either. When we say Mustang, we mean MUSTANG. The one with four wheels and tons of attitude. In this graphic we share what our favorite ten ‘Stang movies of all time are.

Perks of having straight teeth

Infographic by Jeep ECM