Accidents in the Workplace: Are You At Risk?

Whether you work in an office or on a building site, your employer has a duty to protect you and keep you informed of relevant health and safety issues. Personal injury lawyers, Johnson Law, have created an infographic which highlights some of the latest statistics from the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) report on fatal injuries in the workplace, as well as how the job you do and where you do it can affect your risk level. For more information, visit or get in touch with Johnson Law.

Popular T-Shirt Designs From The Past

The original modern day tee shirt has become a staple in almost everyone’s wardrobe. It is so commonly worn, that certain styles and prints have become iconic over the years, even classics. From concert tee’s, to the popular “Vote for Pedro” from megahit movie Napoleon Dynamite, you’ll either love to hate, or love to love some of these stylish ensembles! Take a look at the infographic to brush up on some little-known-facts from your favorite Tee styles. Pair ‘em up with some jeans and head out to start your day.
We all remember the smiley face icon plastered on t-shirts throughout the 70’s. The yellow backdrop with the simple smiley face characteristics easily comes to mind, but did you know that the smiley face was first initiated as a “friendship campaign” in the 60’s, meant to get employees to smile. Once resurfaced in the 70’s, Bernard and Murray Spain began slapping it on almost anything possible, turning it into a 50 million dollar fad. How about the whole “Frankie Says Relax” craze? Banned for having explicit lyrics, “Relax” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood, soon climbed up to number one on the charts purely due to exposure. Soon afterwards in 1984, custom screen printed t shirts were worn by almost everyone.
The classic tee shirt will never go out of style; it is appreciated for both its comfort as well as being an easily printable form of marketing, so it’s easy to see why so many logos and mantras quickly turn into classics once their slapped on a plain white tee!