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Leapfrog 3D printers in 5 different industries

3D printers are not only great for consumers, but for professionals as well. Take for example the 3D printers by LeapFrog ( They can be used by different professionals to provide a better service or work more efficient. This infographic shows 5 different applications of these 3D printers. […]

The True Cost of Idling

Idling semi-trucks leads to wasted fuel consumption and unnecessary engine wear and tear. The HP2000 APU enables truck drivers to stay warm, cool, and keep electronics running without having to idle their engines. Built for the road, the HP2000 APU is a durable source of power that can be easily mounted to most trucks. If you would like to reduce waste while remaining comfortable year round, auxi […]

How to Apply for Unmarried Certificate Attestation India?

Unmarried certificate identifies single status of an NRI. It is essential for marrying and studying abroad. Its form is available on the India embassy website. The applicant can get it in person as well. Unmarried certificate affidavit, application form, photocopy of passport, residential address and decree absolute (if divorcee) are required.

Source: […]

7 Secrets to the Perfect Blow-Dry

A lot of women pick up the blow-dryer at least a few times each week, but there is more to the art of blow-drying than you may realize. There is a right way and a wrong way, and if you’re curious why your blow-drying technique doesn’t leave your hair looking ‘salon fresh‘ you will be interested in our seven tips and tricks to get it that way. […]

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How Strong is Your Data Vocabulary?

Maximize your postal discounts and increase response rates by making your lists more deliverable with this extremely useful infographic on data vocabulary. […]

7 Innovative Ways to Put a Dry Erase Board to Use

A dry erase whiteboard is one of the most versatile purchases you can make for your home, office, or classroom. You can create anything from whiteboard calendars and magnet storyboards, to glass dry erase desktops—the sky is the limit! At Dry Erase Innovations, you can select a dry erase board or whiteboard from our extensive inventory and get to work on your next innovative dry erase project. […]

Volkswagen Vans Leassing Deals

Your joy will know no bounds when you will look at the wide range of vans that are available for leasing at Leasewell. So, wear your shoes and reach Leasewell without thinking twice.

For more information,you can visit: […]

Most Popular Programming Languages Used for Mobile Apps Development [INFOGRAPHIC]

The technology and the programming language you use for mobile application development could be the difference between success and failure. The mobile explosion brought with it a lot of changes in which technology is used and applied. […]

The Evolution of Learning Technologies

Are you a teacher, a student or simply interested in learning technologies? Do you wonder how long ago does education technology date back to? In that case, this infographic is for you! Open Colleges has visualised this amazing timeline to help you understand the main milestones during the history of ed-tech and how we are using it nowadays.

Technology in the classroom and in other areas of edu […]

Understanding the Bail Bonds Process

This infographic shows you in an easy to understand format how the bail bond system works. It walks you from the beginning steps of being arrested, all the way through the final step of posting bail. It also clearly displays the different options available to individuals who may need to post bail. If you or anyone you know is in need of posting bail, this is a great graphic to help you understa […]

A Timeline of The Best Works of Art by The Street Artist Banksy

The street artist Banksy has produced many artworks over the last few years. He has decorated the walls of many famous buildings. Here we have a timeline and an informative description of some of his best works of art. From Laugh Now to Peel Fiction, we have collated some great facts and information on his best pieces. […]

The Basics of Feng Shui For Your Home (Infographic)

Feng shui translates as ‘wind-water’. It is the ancient Chinese principle of creating a harmonious balance of energies in any given space. The main principles of feng shui revolve around colour and the five elements (earth, fire, wood, water and metal) and how they interact together to encourage well being, health and good fortune, creating a positive atmosphere in the home.

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The Amazing Ways Colour Can Alter Your Mind (Infographic)

Whether you’re a painter, a fashion designer, or just painting a bathroom, you’ll know the importance of colour and the effect it can have on our minds and moods.

This infographic from digs into some of the most incredible ways colours can lift or drop our moods – without us even knowing it.

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34 Unbelievably Weird Alcoholic Drinks From Around The World (Infographic)

Beard beer – Made from wild yeast found growing in a beard! It was discovered that the yeast can be cultivated to create a suitable state for fermenting beer

Human toe shot – A shot of the drinker’s choice completed with the addition of a real, preserved ampulated toe, which is dropped into the glass. The fine for swallowing it is $2500!

Check out more here: www.WineInvestment.c […]

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