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Is Your Home Big Enough? House Sizes of the World Compared (Infographic)

An infographic exploring differences in house size around the world.

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10 Ways to Transform Your Shed

Man Caves and She Sheds are all the rage right now, but your little garden shed can be so much more! Imagine having your own bar at the bottom of your garden, or a even a private studio for all you aspiring artists out there. Get ideas for a unique and personal space you can call your own with this infographic on how to turn your shed into somewhere a bit more cosy than a tool box.

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What Ingredients Make a House? (Infographic)

You always want to have your dream house become real. And, you have to keep it sure that it is made of materials durable enough for a life-long stay. What do you want it to be made of? Get your checklist and see if you have the same with these.

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How to Increase the Value of Your Home

House prices are always a hot topic in the UK. Whether you’re in a studio flat in Southwark, or a mansion just outside Macclesfield, how much your property is worth, prices in the immediate area, and how viable the equity is are always on everyone’s lips.
It’s all too often that people around the country experience a major change in their lives – perhaps a relative coming to stay long-term, a new […]

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Split System Air Conditioners and It’s Increasing Demand

With heating and cooling systems accounting for over 38% of energy consumption in Australian homes, there is a need for a system that consumes less power, but provides an effective temperature control. Split air-conditioners fit the bill perfectly and as such, their demand is on the rise. The infographic explores exactly why Australian home owners prefer split AC systems over other systems. The ri […]

  • FCI-infographic

London’s Largest Contemporary Furniture Showroom

Fci is the largest furniture design showroom in UK. We have been in service for the last 30 years. When it comes to detail, we have a keen eye meaning our furniture come in the latest designs. Across Europe, we know all industry professionals that range from factory owners to export managers. This means that we know our job right, and we love every brand that we work with as well as the work we do […]

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Rug cleaning chicago

Looking for your rug cleaning? Our team specializes in professional green cleaning of oriental, wool, silk, Karastan, Persian, Indian, Turkish and other area rugs. Our technicians are specially trained in handling of any kind of your floor covering cleaning to provide the best service possible […]

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Dog Lovers

The bond between dogs and people is undeniable. They are our gentle companions and loyal protectors. For dog lovers everywhere, it only makes sense for us to return the favor. Now you can with ADT home monitoring. 


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Home Improvements Trends in the US

A clever way to see how people are improving their homes. It shows some statistics on types of improvements and the value of each. wanted to show these trends in an easy to understand way while touching some important trends.

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Top Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Garage Door

Maintaining your house is really important , as well as a important area of your home is your car garage. When you might assume , the area of your car garage which will most often require to be changed is the door. Planning to replace your car garage door system will surely have an important effect on just how your car garage seems to be as well as offer you a lot of advantages. Consider al […]

  • British-Inventions

20 British Inventions Your Household Can’t Live Without

British inventors have been at the forefront of developments that have changed the way we live. From flushing toilets to changing the way we carry our children, British inventors and scientists are the brains behind many of the household items we take for granted. Our latest infographic looks at ‘20 British Inventions Your Household Can’t Live Without’, including everything from the humble corkscr […]

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How a Ductless Mini Split Works

How a Ductless Mini Split Works

Hobart Air is a recently developed company as a specialised arm of the Rosetta Plumbing Franchise. With almost 50 years of experience in the construction industry there is not a lot that we cannot do when it comes to the heating/cooling and general air conditioning requirements of a home, office block, or other commercial project. […]

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Man Cave Essentials and Everything You Need to Add to Your Man Cave

There are lots of great Man Cave Ideas out there.  This infographic shows you where to start building your man cave.  For more Man Cave Essentials, visit us at


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Shutter Styles

Shutter Styles

HDC is a full service home improvement business. Quality of work is #1. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed ! […]

Most Popular Types of Professionals by Region

Must watch this great infographics about most popular types of professionals by region before selling homes & after buying homes. Know more at Here: https:www.//


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