8 Important Facts About Fireplace

It’s cozy when it’s cold out but check out these facts to warm your heart about a fireplace.

18 Money Saving Tips for Winter

When summer starts to fade and winter is on the horizon, one of the things you want to do is make sure your home and car are both ready for the change in weather. By making a few adjustments to your routine and your house, you can really save big and reduce your total energy costs during the cold weather months. Here are 18 things you’ll want to do to get ready.

18 Money Saving Tips for Winter

Infographic by JC Heating & Cooling

How to Build a Patio Cover Step by Step

An infographic outlining the ordering process for a custom horse stable design from Stables Online. Stables Online are one of the premier stable manufacturers in the UK offering a range of metal-framed stables, external stables, field shelters, stable accessories and other related equestrian products. They also ethically source a choice of stable boarding options for stables which all require little or no regular maintenance.

How to Build a Patio Cover Step by Step

Infographic by How to build a lean to canopy or carport

4 tips to eliminate bed bugs

Helpr offers professional pest control services including treatments for bed bugs, red ants, termites, cockroaches and rodents. We covers entire areas of Bengaluru, Chennai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad and Pune

Bird Control In Your Home

Although they are not directly harmful to humans (mostly) and will generally coexist peacefully with us, they can cause a lot of problems when present in large numbers near human inhabitations. It is these problems caused by birds that make us forget their beauty and splendour and regard them as pests that need to be gotten rid of.

Bird Control In Your Home

Infographic by Controlling Birds On Your Property

Furniture Refinishing – How to Restore Your Old Furniture

furniture refinishing

The interior of your house is not only based on color of the walls and curtains.  Furniture is also one of the major parts of the house’s interior. The furniture makes your home look beautiful and adds value. Due to over use of furniture, it gets old and discoloration happens over certain period of time. So the furniture needs restoration. Restoration is not just about a repair, it’s all about making your furniture reusable again. It also requires some knowledge about furniture and aspects of works to regain the furniture original form. To know more information about furniture refinishing, visit http://heathrefinishing.com/

Make your Outdoor Living Space more Beautiful by Decking

Decking Gold Coast

In today’s world, most of the people are interested in adding elegance look to their home and outdoor living area. Outdoor living area is a good place and a safe place for your children to play. Decking is a great way to make your home and outdoor living space more beautiful. Decks are built in the outdoor living area for many purposes like, enjoying the holidays, celebrating the family parties and more. There are different types of decks used in decking, including hardwood decks, composite decks; and these decks are available in various colors.

Source: Decking Gold Coast

RESCON’S Step by Step Process of Building Granny Flats

There are many aspects to building a granny flat. This infographic demonstrates the start to finish RESCON Granny Flats process of building an entire granny flat. Many people forget that when building a granny flat it’s a similar process as building a full home. There is the process of identifying the right block of land or right backyard to fit the granny flat into. The design phase is important, as this will ensure the block works with the granny flat. Then comes the approval process with council and ensuring you’re able to build your new granny flat successfully at your location. This is just the start – in this infographic you’ll learn the full 9 steps involved in building your granny flat from deposit to the practical completion stage. If you’re looking to build a granny flat in the Sydney area this information will be very beneficial to get an overview of the whole process and what to expect when it’s time to start your build.

RESCON’S Step by Step Process of Building Granny Flats

Infographic by RESCON Builders

Pipe Relining Explained – A New, Affordable Solution to Damaged and Faulty Pipes

For decades homeowners have been forced to dig up concrete, pavement and beloved gardens to fix sewer pipes and root damage to drains, costing them thousands of dollars in repairs.

On average homeowners spend $1,386-$2,731 to repair their sewer drains.

Just to repair a burst pipe under a concrete slab can cost up to $3,800 dollars.

This infographic explains a new process called “Pipe Relining” which not only cuts down the stress, time & effort it takes digging up the yard, but also provides a long term solution that’s effective and much more affordable to fix burst and broken pipes.

Discover the “Brawoliner” Rehabilitation Process, which in 5 simple steps fixes burst pipes without digging and in half the time it would usually take to fix burst pipes.

Best part the whole process costs less than 50% of traditional methods to fix broken pipes.

Pipe Relining Explained – A New, Affordable Solution to Damaged and Faulty Pipes

Infographic by The Relining Company

Tips to recycle the Domestic Wastes in our home

Recycling is a way of sorting up of used things into a Useful Materials, which eventually reduces the landfills and prevents from further damages to the environment. Our everyday useful things are dominated by plastics, glasses, electronics, papers, etc, which is Non-Degradable materials and has an adverse effect on the environment. The Domestics wastes in our home are also a one of the main cause increasing landfills and polluting. To protect and prevent the Environment from the Damages, the Process of Recycling is helpful. Source: http://geppertrecycling.com/

Build Stylish Balustrade with Stainless Steel Marine Wires

In today’s world, stainless steel marine wires are the best materials that are used in the construction of balustrade applications. Traditionally, balustrades are starting to be made of wood, steel, glass and stainless steel materials. The conjunction of a balustrade with the stainless steel marine wires will add a stylish look of your home. These types of materials are basically strong and more durable. When compared with normal steel wires, stainless steel marine wires are highly preferable to building a modern balustrade to your home.

Things to Consider When Choosing Furniture Refinishing Company

Furniture’s are kind of appliance that can give extreme and superb look to your living place. Repair or modifying your old furniture is called furniture refinishing. Refinishing good quality furniture can save lot of money and it can change the whole look of your room by changing the finish to make them more contemporary. As many years pass, the furniture gets old and damaged. If not taken care properly they get broken completely. To avoid such these problem furniture refinishing is very essential. If you are deciding to refinish your furniture, you need to choose the best furniture refinishing company who provide all services related to furniture repair. To know more information about furniture refinishing, visit http://heathrefinishing.com/

5 Tips to Improve Air Quality In Your Home

The air you breathe can affect your health in many ways. Whether you have allergies or would like to breathe in cleaner air, there are steps you can take at home to experience cleaner air. Air Purifier First has shared a guide that suggests a few ways you can improve air quality in your home:

5 Tips to Improve Air Quality In Your Home

Infographic by Air Purifier First

Log Home Maintenance Tips

If You’re In The Market For A Log Home Or Already Own One, Don’t Forget The Maintenance

While log homes are beautiful, they require much more work to maintain them than normal homes. Checking out your cabin’s exterior several times a year is very important when it comes to the upkeep of a log home. Pay close attention to areas that may be affected by water damage. For example the end logs, in connection areas for the roof, around windows, and if a deck is present, check it out closely as well.

To make sure maintenance is performed on a consistent basis, you should create a schedule and stick to it diligently. Log homes require significant investment, so it makes sense to pay attention to any maintenance needs. The material used in constructing log homes breaks down much easier than those used in some traditional homes. Because of this, log cabins require special attention. As a result, we’ve put together this PDF for you to consult with when considering any issues you may have with your log home.

Log homes aren’t new and have been around almost as long as the country has existed. They aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. One reason is due to the improvements made in log home construction over the years. Log homes today are meant to last a lifetime. Log homes can be passed down from one generation to another with the confidence that they will last.

If you’re the type of guy or gal who prefers a unique home owning experience, a log cabin may be the home for you. Unlike typical cookie-cutter style homes most people buy, a log home tells people you’re a different kind of person. You’re the kind of person who likes to make his path instead of following others. In the United States of America, that go-getter mindset will always be respected.

Log Home Maintenance Tips

Infographic by Log Home Maintenance