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Spotlight on Essential Oils

There are so many various oils, as well as so many various uses
that it can be incredibly confusing for the average consumer. Essential oils
can be used for aromatherapy, scenting product or even cleaning. Since
everyone tends to use them differently, it’s important to know a bit more
about your product before using. Furthermore, you want to make sure to find
100% pure oils. What you will fin […]

Common Peptides in Layman’s Terms Infographic

This infographic is meant to be simple and straightforward about the peptide facts. We also provides simple recommendations about peptide dosage and warnings about side effects.


The Paleo Diet

The Paleo die is very popular and is known as the caveman diet
simply because it consists of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, meats, and
fish, this diet helps you achieve a healthy and nutritious diet. […]

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