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Mining in Australia

How to Sell Used Car

Mining Dingo is Australia’s largest and most comprehensive directory of mining equipment and mining services. Buy, rent and compare over 10000 products and services. […]

Refined Elements

Our products are created as works of art, yet, we engineer them to be functional and ergonomic for all guests. Every piece we produce for our clients is truly one of a kind, is crafted to embrace the beauty of nature, and is built to last generations. We may start with rustic salvaged wood but the finished product is refined functional art. […]

Australias Most Popular Instagrammed Tourist Attractions & Top Beaches

Australia is one of the largest island and eminent place for the most beautiful beaches in the world. In today’s digital era, people are habituated of sharing their favorite travel places and Photos on social networks, along with their reviews. presenting an awesome Infographic that depicts number of #hastags received by the most popular places in Australia on Instagram, fo […]

Nature Inspired Baby Names

If you have deep connection to nature, search a name for your baby that is inspired by nature. Motherszone gives a list of Nature Inspired Baby Names; pick anyone name from the list for your baby girl or boy.


Don’t Kill Your Phone with a Dodgy Charger

Most of us now rely on our smartphones to make every day a little bit easier, so you’d probably feel lost without yours. This infographic gathers together all the info you need to know on the many dangers of fake mobile phone chargers and how to avoid putting your treasured phone at risk by buying a cheap charger built with substandard components.

Source: Dont kill your phone infographic from E […]

White Roofs VS Black Roofs

There are many differences between white roofs and black roofs that one should look at before deciding which one might be right for their building or house. The following infographic outlines a few of these differences that should help in making that decision.

Courtesy of: Essential Flat Roofing […]

In search of food deserts

In search of food deserts:



The Globalization of Virtual Water Flows

The explosive growth of international trade has turned water into a traded commodity. Research into the water footprint of goods has revealed the true extent of the situation.
It takes 650 litres of water to produce 1 pound (500g) of wheat, 2500 litres of water to produce enough meat for a burger and a staggering 4650 litres to produce a 300g beef steak.
Countries who export substantial volumes […]

Ways to Save Water

With water becoming increasingly precious isn’t it time you thought about how you can help your pocket, and more importantly the environment.How much do we consume on a daily basis? And what can we all do to reduce waste. This straight forward infographic will help you identify simple changes you can make, and if we all followed it what a better place the world be. […]

Reduce Your Carbon Emissions by 90% with an IT Evaporative Cooling System

Save up to 90% of your businesses’ carbon emissions with an energy saving IT Evaporative Cooling System for your data centre installed by Cosaf Environments.


Project Weather for Summer Kirkland, WA 2013

Due to increased temperature this summer, you may want to check the local weather condition of Kirkland. The Infographic from Cardinal Heating helps you find average high and low temperature, average precipitation. Use this information on checking your HVAC and ensuring you live comfortably. […]

Crazy Facts about American Truckers Infographic

Jobs in the Trucking Industry

America depends on its truck drivers to move goods and raw materials to where they are needed. Twenty-nine percent of freight is hauled by trucks, surpassed only by the railway network, which moves 40%. Less than one percent of freight transport is by air.

It’s the 3.5 million individual U.S. truck drivers who make this possible, each one driving an average of 1 […]

Overview of Isle of Lanzarote


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