The Different Categories OfSingapore Condominiums

Not all condominiums in Martin Modern are the same. There is a wide range of options available to cater different market segments of buyers.

Banquet Table Sizes

This infographic answers a common question in the special events  business about different sizes of banquet tables as well as how many people can be seated at a banquet table.  That is perhaps the most common question, because event planners and people putting on banquets need to make plans for space arrangements, rent tables or book a venue based on the tables they have available.  This information is available on the internet, but only in paragraph form or difficult to read charts.

Our infographic provides a quick reference for anyone hosting an event to know how many people will be seated at any banquet table size and shape, allowing for efficient and imaginative use of space.

This infographic not only includes the most common sizes of banquet tables, but some of the harder to find sizes and shapes available.  This is particularly useful when someone is looking to purchase tables for their event venue or is planning a wedding.  Our goal in creating this was to provide a handy, fast resource for anyone making event plans.

Infographic by banquet table sizes

Apps vs. SMS/Text Message Marketing for Business

Today, people are married to their cell phones and mobile devices. The average user checks their device 110 times per day, regardless of it ringing or signalling an alert. Perhaps not surprisingly, our cell phones never leave our sides either – studies show that most people have their phone within arms’ reach 14 hours out of every day. For teens, that number jumps to 24 hours out of every day.

Not surprisingly therefore, marketers are attempting to attempting to reach out and market to this people on their cell phones, where they’re most engaged.

The question is… how?

By using mobile apps, which require a smartphone, an internet data plan (which can be expensive) and an additional action that must be taken on the part of the end-user (i.e., downloading and installing the app)?

Or by using simple text messaging (also known as SMS)?

The statistics reveal a clear and stark answer… text messaging. It’s a simple, cheap and comfortable technology that your audience uses daily… and prefers as their mobile channel.

Infographic by SMS Gateway Service

6 Steps to Register a Trademark In UAE

Brands are a vital asset. Do your research before investing your time and money in launching a new brand. Make  sure that the brand fits your product/services. The more different your brand from others in your industry makes it easier to be protect. Brands can attract the people with positive feeling and built trust of the customer on your product or services. Trademark your brand and logo with following easy steps:

13 Easy Strategies for Keeping Your Customers Loyal for Life

We all know that client is the king. Satisfying your clients all the time is not an easy task. Especially, when you struggle to keep them as long as possible. This infographic shows 13 easy strategies for keeping your customers loyal for life. Know your customer’s needs and wants. What is more, a gift or note of appreciation goes a long way. You should always answer the phone. Return calls promptly. Acknowledge emails. A simple saying „Thank you” at least twice during any given transactions as well. Indifference is a loyalty killer. It is researched that 68% of customers will leave because of perceived indifference.

Infographic by customer satisfaction software tools

Study About Height Discrimination in 5 Aspects

This study shows the height discrimination in 5 aspects – happiness, sexual attractiveness, marriage, career and politics. Shorter men are often sidelined in the workplace, when it comes to promotions and higher salaries. The lack of confidence also affects short men ability to get into a relationship, and they sometimes end up being single. Women usually look for men who can offer protection. They also are searching for someone who can offer good offspring and as a result have good genes. A man who is taller may represent that to a woman.

This study reflects why many celebrities and successful businessmen wear height increasing insoles especially in the public. Even though the consequences of heightism on short people can be decreased by using popular methods like shoe lifts or fashion tricks, it would be more ideal if individuals can accept people on how they really are rather than judge.

Infographic by height increasing insoles

7 Tips to Win the War for Millennial Talent

Millennials are considered as very important part of today’s workforce. Why is that? It is true that many employees are trying hard to recruit more millennials. This infographic shows 7 valuable tips to win the war for millennial talent. So, why millennials matter? Millennials became the largest group in the US workforce in 2015 (US Census), and similar changes are occurring in most economies. Older groups like Baby Boomers and Gen-Xers are declining as a proportion of the workforce.

According to the infographic, creating an engaging employer brand is your starting point in winning the war for millennial talent. Next, use smart marketing to be an „employer brand of choice“. Moreover, you must offer flexibility and hire or develop HR leaders with tech smarts. HR leaders and teams must understand how to leverage technology. Finally, ask your millennials to head up your delegations to university recruitment functions and job fairs and make sure they are active in recruitment processes including interviews.

Infographic by Recruitment Software

Lunch Actually Group Timeline

Lunch Actually is Asia’s First and Largest Premier Lunch Dating Dating Agency with 12 years of matchmaking experience and regional presence in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. Through our personalized dating service, we aim to provide a safe, convenient and non-intimidating avenue for busy professionals to meet like-minded people.

To date, we have arranged close to 90,000 dates across South East Asia with 85% matches satisfaction rate. Lunch Actually’ clients are single and successful professionals who are seriously looking for that special someone. The company’s database comprises managers, executives, directors, administrators, lawyers, accountants, doctors, and entrepreneurs who are looking to get more from life than just work.

Infographic by Dating services

Moving Tips to Help You Out

Relocating your home or office from one place to another is not easy. There is a lot of planning involved right from the choosing of a reputable company, to packing, transportation, all the way to unpacking and organizing of your new place. You do one thing wrong and it could ruin everything. Here are a few guidelines that could be very helpful.

Always ask

Asking questions should begin the moment you start looking for a removal company. Seek help from friends and family members for referrals and recommendations. You should then seek clarification on things that are not clear during the negotiation stage and even after you have contracted him. This will help you gain a better understanding of the terminologies among other things. You might as well get outside help to assist in deciphering the contract details.

Large down payments should be avoided

You should be on the lookout for firms that want you to pay a large sum of money in advance. Regardless of their reason, this does not work to your favor in any way. You stand the risk of losing money if the person is a fraud, or the company could delay service delivery knowing you cannot go elsewhere.

Carry your valuables

You might have conducted a thorough vetting and done background checks on the company before hiring them, however, that does not mean you should trust them completely. Especially not with your prized possessions. Items such as jewelry, cash, coins, important documents and photographs should be carried with you or sent ahead separately.

Keep your contact line open

Before, during and probably after the delivery, communication will play a great role in making sure things run smoothly. You should be reachable on the phone in case anything comes up along the way such as unpredicted change of plans or schedule. The same goes for the driver and his team. Make sure you have his full names, ID, phone and truck number.

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Payment by Results Jargon demystified

Payment by Results is a new commissioning model increasingly used across the world as governments try to get maximum impact from public services. It has many fans and just as many detractors, but love it or hate it, you still need to understand it. Although PbR is a simple concept, it has generated a whole new dictionary of jargon which can make it appear much more complicated than it really is.

In this infographic, Russell demystifies this jargon by providing concise, easy-to-understand explanations of some of the key terms. So, if you’re unsure what “creaming and parking” is or don’t know whether you want a “Black Box” contract, 2 minutes spent reading this infographic will put you in the picture.

A Guide on How to Screen Print

Screen printing, also called serigraph printing or serigraphy, requires a stencil of the chosen design, a substrate on which to print the design, a squeegee that effectively presses the ink onto the substrate, and a silk-printing machine that will hold the substrate and other equipment.

More complex screen printing requirements can be met with more complex machinery and accessories, but in all cases, you need to have a solid understanding of how the printing process works in order to ensure that you enjoy the best possible results from your printing. With this infographic from Screen Stretch, you can learn the basic technique and the processes that are required in order to start screen printing.