Manufacturers of Synthetic Resins

D.R. Coats Ink & Resins Pvt. Ltd. (DRC) is the leading manufacturers of Synthetic Resins catering to Coatings, Printing Inks & Adhesives.

3×3 Ultimate Time Organization Matrix

We believe that efficient organization starts with determining what actually needs to be done to fill the gaps, and finishes with executing flawlessly. Maximizing efficiency and having fun in the process should only be two parts of the equation, which tries to describe how to do work.

This is why through the experience and improvement of our own workflows, we developed a simple matrix for organization optimization for small teams, just like ours – and probably yours.

The matrix consists of:

-> 3 aspects to consider,

-> 3 principles to follow, and

-> 3 apps/tools to use

3x3 Ultimate Time Organization Matrix

Infographic by 3×3 time management rules

Layers of Protostarr

ICO token:
The investor purchases the token
There are 9mil projected tokens, with the prices as follows:
Power Hour 1 ETH = 170 Investor Tokens
Week 1 1 ETH = 150 Investor Tokens
Week 2 1 ETH = 130 Investor Tokens
Week 3 1 ETH = 110 Investor Tokens
Week 4 1 ETH = 100 Investor Tokens

Total of tokens get 2% of all starr contracts ever made

For the Starr contract:
A Youtube “Starr” creates a contract using our simple and user friendly website
They attach it to their channel
Fans invest in contract which pays to Starr
Starr produces content which generates ad revenue
Channel pays all money to contract
Contract automatically splits money to Starr, fans, and 2% to ICO investor token (above)

Layers of Protostarr

Infographic by Protostarr

How to Create Engaging Content

When you create an online training your main goal is to share knowledge. But tention spans are short and the people you want to share knowledge with are probably gone when you send some information straight away. In this infographic we will explain how to make your content engaging with storytelling and how you can provide value as a trusted source.

Do you know what is the golden ratio of image to text is? Or what the do’s and don’t are for making an article easy and fun to read?

Take a few minutes to learn more about involving your audience and chewing up your content to create engaging content for the best learning experiences.

How to Create Engaging Content

Infographic by Maester

Management Tips to Help you get the Most out of your Temporary Workers

Because of the short tenures of temporary employees, many managers assume that they do not need to tend to them as they would their permanent employees. And while there’s some degree of truth to this notion, it does not mean that you should go completely hands-free with your temps. You will still need to actively and thoughtfully manage these workers to ensure that you get the best output from them and their experience working for you is pleasant – especially if you’d like to work with them again in the future. So how do you manage your temporary workers to make sure they deliver the calibre and volume of work you hired them to do?

Management Tips to Help you get the Most out of your Temporary Workers

Infographic by Blue Collar People

Refrigerator Care and Cleaning – Tips and Tricks –

Contact Helpr for AC, Fridge, Microwave Oven and Washing Machine services. Our skilled technicians will repair your home appliances right at your place.

Before Looking For a Bobcat Hire Service in Wollongong

The Bobcat hire in Wollongong is essential when you need to do landscaping, agriculture, moving earth or rocks. When you rent appropriate equipment for your work, it will result in positive outcomes. The company you choose to hire the machine should have considerable years of experience in the field. You should hire one who is located in your area. This may have various benefits such as it should be cost effective, convenient for quoting and for booking times. For more information, visit

You Should Never Do These Things When Hiring

Hiring new employees is tricky. You need to make sure you’re hiring people who aren’t just doing it for the money or a job – you want people who are truly passionate about the role, will stay with you for a while, and will bring something unique to your business. You also want trustworthy people who don’t pose a threat to your business.

You Should Never Do These Things When Hiring

Infographic by You Should Never Do These Things When Hiring

Are Looking SEO Freelancer Mumbai? – Best SEO Freelancer In Mumbai

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Pipe Relining Explained – A New, Affordable Solution to Damaged and Faulty Pipes

For decades homeowners have been forced to dig up concrete, pavement and beloved gardens to fix sewer pipes and root damage to drains, costing them thousands of dollars in repairs.

On average homeowners spend $1,386-$2,731 to repair their sewer drains.

Just to repair a burst pipe under a concrete slab can cost up to $3,800 dollars.

This infographic explains a new process called “Pipe Relining” which not only cuts down the stress, time & effort it takes digging up the yard, but also provides a long term solution that’s effective and much more affordable to fix burst and broken pipes.

Discover the “Brawoliner” Rehabilitation Process, which in 5 simple steps fixes burst pipes without digging and in half the time it would usually take to fix burst pipes.

Best part the whole process costs less than 50% of traditional methods to fix broken pipes.

Pipe Relining Explained – A New, Affordable Solution to Damaged and Faulty Pipes

Infographic by The Relining Company

Importance of Hiring Professional Plumbers by Saving Client Valuable Time

Plumbing service is an important source for building owners, property owners and family members. In our day to day life we use all types of plumbing products like taps, showers, heaters and other products. When a repair on taps, pipes may evolve property owners may not know. To overcome this emergency situation, it is better to hire professional plumbers on solving plumbing issues. There are many plumbers all over the world, but it is necessary to check whether plumber is being licensed or not.

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Benefits of Adding Sun Rooms for your Home

Sun Rooms brings out innovative look and beauty for your house. Adding Sun Rooms to your home is a nice idea, but it should be build only with the help professional remodeling contractors. A customized sun room will bring value to your home and it is the best place for relaxation purpose. Therefore it is better to choose the best remodeling contractors who understand the client requirement and install sunroom and other decorative materials within their budget limit. For more details about adding Sun Rooms to your customized home, visit