5 Must Follow Steps for Accelerating Revenue Cycles


Improve the Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) of your practice by following these tried and tested methods.


Best Places To Stopover

Nobody likes stopovers, well except me it seems. Everyone looks at a multi stop flight like an annoying inconvenience, a rude to detour from his or her final destination and that’s a shame. A good stopover can add real value to a person’s holiday experience, think of it like an appetiser before the main course that is your holiday. After-all, why hold off on enjoying your holiday until you arrive at your hotel, a lot of fun can be had during the journey.

So here’s an infographic detailing the best places to stopover and what makes them so awesome:


12 Cues Used to Detect Drunk Drivers at Night | DUI Infographic

Over the years, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has sponsored and contributed to several research projects intended to help police officers to detect impaired drivers on the road. In fact, there are several specific types of driving behaviors and visual cues that officers look for when making a DUI or DWI vehicle stop. The following infographic entitled “12 Cues Used to Detect Drunk Drivers at Night” is intended to help you to better understand some of the typical driving behaviors of suspected DWI drivers on the road. Please feel free to share this infographic with others!

DWI & DUI Drivers Infographic

Courtesy of: Levow DWI Law

Find out your own hair type with this infographic!

Knowing your hair type can be a tremendous help when choosing the best hair product. Getting the wrong product can even be damaging for your hair! That’s why we made a hair type infographic to help you with your quest to the ultimate product for your hair!

Markup Validation Reasearch Across The Web- Infographic By CancanIT

CancanIT is One of The Best WEBSITE ANALYSIS TOOLS  like page analysis and page comparison FOR WEBMASTERS Now A days.Cancanit allows you to quickly find all hidden errors and shortcomings on a website, preventing its further advancement.CancanIT store 2,581,281 websites like techcrunch , odesk ,garage48 etc and 6,092,596 keywords in our database and continue to grow.

How To Set Up And Create Blogs Infographic

Learn the three main components of setting up and creating a successful blog in any niche. Design, Content and Promotion are the most important elements to create a popular blog with a large readership and avoid running a ghost town that gets no traffic. Without the proper knowledge many newbie bloggers are lost in all the various requirements of not only setting up their sites, but also in the required maintenance and upkeep that a successful blog requires. Blogging is now a worldwide phenomenon. Over 374 million people view more than 4.1 billion blog pages each month. There are over 67 million WordPress blogs online and over 44 million users on Blogger blogs. But, it’s also a fact that more than 50% of blogs die within their first year, mainly because the blogger does not understand how to set up and maintain a blog correctly. This infographic provides all the necessary steps to set up, create and maintain a popular, and high ranking blog!