Vauxhall Vans Leasing Offers

By undersatnding your commercial needs, Vauxhall has prepared a unique range of vans to fulfil your every requirement. From Combo to Movano, you have a wide array of vans at your disposal.

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The Future of Driving

This infographic explains about the following:
·Google plans to make driverless cars with no steering wheels or pedals available to the public by 2020.
·The Ford Motor Company has already been granted a patent for a biometric device that uses fingerprints, retinal scans, and voice recognition to gain entry to and start a vehicle.
·General Motors plans to give all of its future vehicles a driver override system that will be able to apply the brakes if needed, regardless of what the driver is doing.
Image Courtesy C R Allen & Sons

25 Must-Have Apps for Car Owners (Infographic)

Most people in the Western World use cars as part of their daily routines – and there’s nothing that makes these routines easier than modern technology. This infographic gives an overview of some of the most useful apps to help you run, finance and even find your car. How many have you tried?–PPCGB



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14 Ways To Maximize The Value of Your Car Before Selling

Getting a new car can be exciting, from picking out features you’ve always wanted to choosing the color of your dreams. But what’s not as fun is getting rid of your old car. Coming up with advertisements, taking pictures and negotiating the sale can be dreary tasks you just don’t want to deal with. You may even consider accepting a lower offer than you thought initially, just to get the car out of your life. Fortunately, there’s many ways you can increase the value of your car without much work. The Car Care Council says that with just a few simple repairs prior to the sale, a mid-range vehicle can see an increase of up to $2,000 in value. has put together an infographic that helps visualize the changes you can make to your car to get the most amount of money in your pocket. The infographic covers everything from replacing windshield wipers before listing your car “for sale,” to suggesting when to use professionals to get your car ready to sale. Take a look and let us know in the comments which tips you think are easiest for a reseller.

Truck Driving Is One of the Most Common Jobs in the US

Please check out the following infographic by about how “truck driving” is one of the most common jobs in the USA. According to information gathered from the Census Bureau, truck driving has become the most common job in more than half the states in the USA. The industry has seen a large amount of growth over the years. In 1978, only nine states said it was the most common job; in 2014, that number more than tripled to 29 states.

source: C.R. England


Most expensive cars

There are many people in the world that live an extravagant lifestyle, sporting the flashiest of cars. This infographic showcases the cars that this league of super rich individuals might be interested in. These bank busting autombiles are all broken down into 0-60 times, top speed and brake horse power, giving readers all the information they need on their dream car.


most expensive cars

American v Japanese Cars: The Battle For the American Market

At present there is a fierce battle between American & Japanese car manufacturers to establish themselves as the premier car manufacturer. In 2014 it was impossible to separate them and the market was spilt 50/50.  Moreover, the top selling cars of 2014 in America  included a mix of both American & Japanese Cars.

Comparing them in the J.D Power vehicle dependability study was interesting. Again, it proved difficult to separate them. These studies have no bias which gives the results extra credence.

It seems that car buyers tend to prefer one of the other and it can be difficult to change their minds. A lot of the time this can be influenced by marketing and may have no reflection on the actual quality of a car.

This info-graphic from Touchdown Auto discusses American & Japanese cars from every perspective and aims to get to the bottom of which is better, if any, once and for all.

American v Japanese Cars: The Battle For the American Market

Infographic Source: Touchdown Auto