Solar power in the UK Infographic

Have a look to this infographic with detailed information regarding Solar panels in UK :

Solar-Power-in-the-UK-separating-fact-from-fictionSolar power in the UK — “Infographic supplied by Snug Network

How To Choose a Perfect Gift Idea for Hanukkah Festival?

Hanukkah, the Jewish festival of lights is one of the most recognized Jewish holiday. The sharing of Hanukkah gifts among loved ones is important and thoughtful. An infographic from jJudaica helps you to choose a perfect gift for Hanukkah and make your loved ones happy.

Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday: Which Day Is Better to Shop?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are busy shopping days after Thanksgiving. These days offer many advantages to the customers. Black Friday marks the start of the holiday shopping season while Cyber Monday offers competitive prices online. There are many popular items that are purchased on these days. This infographic may help you to find out which is the best day to get the best savings.

Black Friday vs Cyber Monday
Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday

Tips to Preparing Your Home for Rainstorms – Infographic

A simple maintenance goes a long way to keeping your loved ones safe should natural disasters strike. Check out this infographic for six tips to preparing your home for rainstorms.

Tips to Preparing Your Home for Rainstorms Infographic

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Comparable Market Analysis

Ever wondered how real estate investors, agents and buyers/sellers value a property? A Comparative Market Analysis is a very effective and commonly used tool for determining the value of real estate. The first step of every CMA is to identify the price per square foot of comparable properties which feature many of the same characteristics (such as location and size) of the property you are looking to value. The second step of a CMA consists of making adjustments to the price per square foot to accurately reflect the unique features of the property in question. Once the adjustments have been made, the value of the property can be calculated by taking the adjusted price per square foot you calculated and multiplying it by the property’s square footage.


A Comparative Market Analysis is used by real estate investors, buyers, sellers and agents to determine the value of a property


Top 25 Certifications for Accountants [Infographic]

Advanced certifications and degrees always strengthen the skills and knowledge of a person. A certification can give you an edge over the other professionals in the same industry. There is a large number of certifications related to finance and accounting industry. Check the full details of the certification here on the top audit firm in Dubai site.


Why Choose Best Roadside Service

At some point your vehicle, or the vehicle you’re riding in, will break down. Don’t wait until that happens. Best Roadside Service is the vehicle assistance program you want on your side when one of these inconvenient or even hazardous events take place.

Why Choose Best Roadside Service

Infographic by best roadside service

Successful vs Unsuccessful Freight Agents

Learn the traits of a successful agent and lose the ones of an unsuccessful agent. Put it all together and you are on the road to a successful freight business.

freight business

Infographic by freight business