The Big Business Of Consumer Drones-Infographic

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What is the Difference between Co-op vs. Condo Properties in NYC?

Looking to buy a condo or co-op apartment in NYC? Choosing between a condo and a co-op in NYC can be a complicated decision, but we’ve simplified the debate for you by breaking down everything you should consider in this infographic powered by Hauseit. Learn about the differences in pricing, buyer closing costs, board approval, monthly costs, sublet policies and seller closing costs between condominiums and co-op apartments. While condos are considered real property and come with a property deed, co-ops are actually considered personal property and do not come with a traditional real estate deed. Co-op owners actually own shares in the co-op corporation. Having a good understanding of the difference between the two types of units (condos and co-ops) in NYC will allow you to make a more educated decision as to which you should consider investing in.

Both condos and co-ops have advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your personal situation, you may value aspects of one type of unit over the other. For example, if you are interested in renting your property in the future, a condo would make more sense because of the more flexible subletting (renting) policy.

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Co-op vs Condo NYC

Top 3 EHR vendors To Partner Within 2016


EHRs have become quite a common phenomenon in the American healthcare industry. In 2015, 78% of office-based physicians use an EHR system while 59% want to switch their current EHR provider. Moving forward in 2016, CureMD, eClinicalWorks, and Practice Fusion are the top three EHR vendors. CureMD offers one of the most comprehensive cloud platforms as an EHR vendor with continuous support and problem resolution. eClinicalWorks has the second highest market share in the American market at 10.2% as it provides solutions to practices of multiple sizes. Practice Fusion specifically caters to smaller practices and is MU, ICD-10, and PQRS compliant.

Air Conditioning Fun Facts, Science & History!

A history of air conditioning is interesting. It wouldn’t begin with residence comfort. It had been invented to be able to cool any printing press for business oriented use. It shortly become apparent that cooling a residence would be much more useful. This post supplies some intriguing and fun facts about AC and its history.

Air Conditioning Fun Facts, Science & History!

Infographic by And Services of Tampa

Family and Teen’s Cyber Security

The Internet is an essential tool in our daily lives, but it’s becoming increasingly complicated for users, due to safety fears. It poses many dangers that both parents and kids need to be aware of and informed about. From unsuitable content to cyber-bullying to sexting, there are serious issues that all families have to face these times.

The following infographic from Family Orbit team, breaks down what parents and teens need to know about family safety. It gives details on what types of threats to lookout for, stats and figures that you may find surprising, as well as some helpful advice on how to keep your family protected.

Family and Teen’s Cyber Security

Infographic by Family Orbit

Infographic | Guide to Travel During Pregnancy

Many today question, whether it’s safe to travel when you are pregnant? In fact, some women feel comfortable and adventurous to fly during the final months of their pregnancy. However few strict measures are to be taken, there are risks associated with flying while you are pregnant, and women who take proper precautions and follow their doctor’s orders normally do not have any such problem/fear.
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