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Breakout detection in R

Say you have time series data and you want to detect significant changes, but there’s also a lot of noise …

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Science and technology in the Information is Beautiful Awards – Part 1

The winners of the “Kantar Information is Beautiful” awards will be known in just a few weeks. It is a competition that promotes excellence and beauty in data visualization, infographics and other forms of visual communication, and this year’s list of nominees includes several works related to issues of science or technology. In this context, I’ll dedicate

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24 Tools Which Are Essential for Online Collaboration

Collaborating online has never been easier. The world is getting smaller thanks to the myriad of apps, online tools and platforms available to us when creating work.
This is a run down of the apps we can use for all the different types of collaboration – from video conferencing, to collaborative planning and everything in between. Via […]

The Tallest, Longest, Widest and Deepest Wonders of Nature

Natural wonders can be overwhelmingly huge. Sometimes it’s nice to look at them with a bit of perspective.
This infographic compares the longest rivers, tallest mountains, widest deserts and deepest oceans as well as other major natural features. Via […]

Your 9-Step Cheatsheet for Negotiating Risk in Business

Risk is one of the hardest things to navigate in business – particularly when weighing up the factors in a contract. The only way deals and agreements can work properly is if the issue of risk is successfully considered. This infographic gives you some ideas of how to deal with all types of risk in business. Via […]

The World’s 20 Weirdest Wines

Wine is a drink consumed everywhere in the world – but everyone has their own way of doing it! Take a look at these examples of the most weird and wonderful wine recipes on earth. Via […]

How to use post-it notes for creative idea generation

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Can we use post-it notes for creative idea generation? Most of us use post-it notes to remember things in our daily life. You can find these small square shaped notes on people’s refrigerator, mirrors, doors or walls etc. they are very effective tool to remind you of friends birthdays, your marria […]

The Text Of Death


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5 Simple Steps To Make Money With YouTube – #infographic

Chances are you won’t be an overnight sensation, but YouTube has the potential to earn you a nice chuck of change in a number of ways. In addition to earning money via ad revenue, you can also build an income with product sales, consulting, and sponsorship deals, all built on your successful YouTube presence.Take a look at below infographic from YouTube downloader tool YTD to learn how to make mon […]

What Are the Benefits of a Gluten-Free Diet?

A gluten-free diet is necessary for people with celiac disease and can be beneficial for those with autism, ADHD or people with wheat allergies. Learn more about the benefits of a gluten-free diet with this handy infographic. Via […]

How To Choose Motorcycle Saddlebgas

Its hard to pick the right saddlebag, trust us. Thankfully for you, we’re the motorcycle luggage experts and we’re here to help. We’ve created a nice infographic that should be able to break things down so that you can narrow down your selections. While shopping for motorcycle saddlebags, you’ll come across many options that are bound to make you wonder which one is right for you. We’ve broke […]

107 Amazing Facts & 25 Sensational Years with the Mazda Miata

Take a journey with one of Americas favorite cars, the Mazda Miata. With the recent celebration of its 25th anniversary, we take you through its 25 years and create an emotional connection with the reader by displaying some of the most historical events from the past 25 years. See which historical event you connect with the most and see how the Mazda Miata has been there for it all!  This inf […]

Famous Internet And Social Media Firsts: Then and Now – #infographic

This infographic from Webpagefx illustrates some of the most famous internet and social media firsts that you may not have known about and also takes a look at where they are today.Some key stats:The first spam email was sent by Gary Thuerk in 1978, to 400 people within ARPANET, inviting them to his company’s new product demo. Today 54 Billion spam emails are sent daily.The first YouTube vide […]

How Much Could A Flood Cost You?

Floods are one such problem which not only creates havoc for one but for the whole of world. While we in our lifetime saw one-to-many natural disasters but floods top the chart and that...

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Urgent Care Vs. ER


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