National Portfolio Day Guide

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National Portfolio Day Guide

The National Portfolio Day 2014 is here! From our infographic, find out why you should attend to at least one Portfolio Day event near you and how you should prepare yourself before going to one of these. Go to… for more information.


How to Live Your Life Indoors

It may not be a surprise to you that not everyone is a social butterfly. Someone who likes to flit around on the wings of life having a good time. Some people like to stay at home and wallow in their own surroundings, and occasionally, their own filth. This lifestyle is becoming more prevalent with […]

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The Top 5 Online Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2015

Image: The Top 5 Online Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2015

The way information was shared on the Internet has gone through a sea change and it has impacted every aspect of business. The online marketing techniques that were useful even a few years back have either become obsolete or have taken a backseat. As a matter of fact most outbound marketing tactics have lost their charms and inbound marketing techniques have become the latest fad in digital marketing.

Today, an increasing number of businesses are enjoying more success by publishing original content rather than from advertisements within external content. The reason behind this is a simple one – there are some additional benefits on inbound tactics – it offers branding and audience growth, two aspects that are very important for engaging and enlarging a customer base.


What Does It Cost To Run A StartUp


If you are running a low-cost, string-budget startup from home, then you will resonate with thousands of other similar entrepreneurs, who say: “I’ve forgotten what privacy is like.” Setting up an office space for your small team withing your home definitely has its perks – like not having to fight rush-hour traffic, or being at home when the kids get back, or small pleasures like having a nice home-cooked meal for lunch. Also Read: The StartUp Ecosystem But on the flipside, your work and personal life have merged into one big, chaotic mess. Laptops and wires everywhere, coffee cups and papers strewn about, and let’s not forget how from now on your small team of employees will know everything there is to know about you. What your partner likes and dislikes, when your partner gets home, what he/she does for a living, whether you guys are fighting or not, what your kids are like, and all the other little nuggets of information that makes life, life. So if you’ve caught yourself thinking: “It’s high-time we move out of this garage-phase, and find a real office.” Then we’ve done some homework for you: on what it costs to run a lean startup in various cities around the world. Also Read: 6 Game-Changing Trends For Your Job Search   Source:   Via

Could the World Be 100% Solar? #infographic

Image: Could the World Be 100% Solar?

All known fossil fuel reserves could be totally spent within the next 100 years, according to recent estimates. The most common form of solar power is the use of photo-voltaic (PV) cells to convert solar energy into electricity. You will probably recognize them from calculators and road signs. Covering an area of 366,375km^2 with PV cells could provide enough energy for our yearly demands. That's roughly the size of Germany, or 0.2% of the Earth's total land surface.


Internet Censorship World Map [infographic]

image: Internet Censorship World Map
The internet is invaluable to all of the world's people as a potentially limitless source of information. Many governments, perhaps for this reason, therefore choose to censor certain portions of the internet to influence what their people can read about or download. Every country has its own laws and censorship policies – for example, torrents are illegal in almost every country, but only some of them censor things like social or political commentary. Comparing the online censorship policies of different countries can be interesting – what do some cultures prioritize, and where does government censor more, or less? This infographic goes into those details by giving a visual representation of the proportion of the internet that is censored from country to country, as well as providing exactly what is censored in a handy companion to each of the maps. How much of the internet do you think should be censored? What do you believe should or shouldn't be illegal when it comes to the internet browsing habits of free citizens?


A Guide to Men’s Dress Shoes #infographic

Image: A Guide to Men's Dress Shoes

Find the perfect pair for dress shoes for any occasion! This infographic is a comprehensive guide to all footwear styles for men. Learn what shoe style is proper to wear to any event, with a breakdown on variations available for each style. This infographic also a little history on the design origin plus breaks down the basics of shoe construction. Pick the perfect pair of shoes, and you’ll be putting your best foot forward for any event.