American Women Rising in Business

This infographic explores the current situation facing women in the American business world.  Though American women are more successful than they ever have been before, they still face a number of challenges when compared to their male counterparts.

Read some staggering statistics on the gender gap.  Then, find out which states are the most friendly to women-owned businesses (spoiler: the best state is Washington DC, but many others including Georgia are catching up fast).

That’s just the beginning.  Who knows – you may be motivated to start your own business after reading!  If so, the world is your oyster.  Get out there and make some money!

American Women Rising in Business – An infographic by the team at Shield Funding


2013 U.S Dog Attack Statistics

This detailed infographic provides insight into one of the nation’s most commonly reported health problems: dog bites. These statistics are important for both home owners and pet owners, and outline how these cases are covered by insurance companies, how many people are affected every year, and where a majority of the incidents occur. This information is crucial for anyone that has either been injured by a dog bite or is considering adopting or purchasing a dog.

With an estimated 70 million dogs living in households throughout the U.S, this information is an extremely important matter of public health.

Graves Mclain

2013 Dog Attack Statistics

Ensure Child Safety around Blinds

Did you know?

  • Accidental child injuries are a primary public health concern in Australia.
  • In the past several years, more children (particularly of ages 0-4) were hospitalized due to injuries.
  • The fact that there are more hospital admissions and fatalities due to accidental injuries than serious illnesses (like respiratory ailments, cancer, and nervous system conditions) are a constant concern for the Australian health sector.
  • Child deaths resulting from accidental injuries include unsafe sleeping environment and strangulation by window blind cords.

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How To Prepare Oushadha Kanji (Medicinal Porridge)

Dr. Rose Mary Wilson, Chief Physician of Kandamkulathy Vaidyasala, speaks about the preparation of Karkidaka Kanji.

Karkidaka Kanji/ Oushadha Kanji is a medicinal rice soup is a traditional item of Kerala during the rainy days. This tasty dish has a special effect in warding off the monsoon fevers.

For the best Ayurveda and Karkidaka treatments in Kerala, feel free to get in touch with us:


The New Car Tax Rules- Infographic

Did you know that you no longer have to display your tax disc? A recent survey found that 83% of car owners did know. If you belong to the 13% who didn’t know then it could cost you up to £1000 if you aren’t aware of the new rules. The vehicle tax system changed as of the 1st of October 2014:

Automatic Number Plate Recognition Cameras: ANPR cameras are positioned throughout the United Kingdom. These camera check to see if a vehicle has been taxed or not using the vehicle’s registration number plate. These cameras additionally identify if the vehicle is MOT’d, if the vehicle has any wanted registered owners or if it is insured.

Tax Discs: Vehicle tax discs do not have to be displayed in a vehicle’s windscreen therefore will no longer be issued.

Vehicle Enquiry System: Anyone can check if a car is taxed by going to the DVLA’s Vehicle Enquiry System.

There are more changes and this infographic by GB Show Plates breaks down and highlights the most important points for you to be aware of.


Sex Facts and Figures about Men in America Use the Coupon Code FUN50 at the checkout at Adam & Eve to get 50% OFF almost ANY single item plus FREE discreet shipping, 3 FREE DVDs, and a Mistery Gift. What men doesn’t like sex? Across America, men are thinking about it, talking about it and experiencing it. How do the numbers break down for males in the US? From how many guys have tried anal sex to how old they were when they started watching adult movies, here are a few facts and figures that might surprise you. 
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UnZip the Power of Real Spying, NSA vs Spy Apps

It’s intriguing to compare NSA’s spying with that of the spy apps. The intentions of the two spying mechanisms are completely contradictory. While the government organization might claim to be monitoring us to ensure our own safety and to monitor the ever escalating crime rate, the facts are still quite shocking.

The kind of data and information that the NSA collects breaches privacy. Whether they are doing it to catch criminals or not, owing to NSA’s maneuvers, none of us can feel secure in their private lives. That they keep all our information for up to five years is just the icing on this espionage cake.

When compared to NSA, the spy apps seem like philanthropists. Through the spy apps you aren’t just keeping an eye on whoever you want; the act of monitoring is focused and has purpose. And unlike NSA, the spy apps actually do endeavor to safeguard loved ones, or bolster business. Monitoring your children’s activities online or keeping tabs on what your employees are doing can ensure peace of mind. The NSA, meanwhile, causes a major breach of the Americans’ privacy on a daily basis, 24/7.

Our infographic juxtaposes NSA’s monitoring activity with that of the spy apps. It reveals the startling differences between the two kinds of spying. The infographic also reveals how despite NSA’s multitudinous claims about safeguarding the Americans and securing the country, it’s actually the spy apps that are doing a lot more for safety, security and the general peace of mind of people living in the U.S

Tears Of The Sun- Infographic

An informative description (min. 4-5 sentences): Gold the fabulous substance which aroused warfares, ennobled kings and graced gods. But: If one would melt down all golden coatings, dental fillings, pieces of jewellery and bullions of the world and form a sphere out of this liquid, it would not get bigger than the height of a two storied house! And compared to the yearly iron ore extraction, it get’s even more clear, how invaluable this rare metal is. 

Facts about Dubai- Infographic

The incredible facts about Dubai, one of the most exciting an phenomenal cities of the world.

Eating healthy foods for pregnancy does not necessarily mean that you should go on a special diet. What a pregnant woman needs is to maintain a balanced diet that can provide the body with the proper nutrients for the healthy growth of her baby and to keep ready for labor