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I’m the Content Specialist for INOC, a US-based Network Operations Center that offers 24×7 Outsourced NOC Services.

We have recently developed an infographic on the benefits of Cloud Backup to Businesses and we are hoping to get it published on your site for FREE! All we ask is a link back to our website, http://inoc.com/ Below are the details about the infographic:

Title: Benefits of Cloud Backup to Businesses


Data security and protection remains to be a big challenge among businesses. With the growing number of cyber security breach, majority of business prefer to keep their data where they can see them. In fact, according to the study initiated by Spicework and Carbonite, 56% of small-to-medium sized enterprises prefer physical backups while 60% refuse to utilize cloud backup. However, in a situation where data is lost or misplaced, such data can never be restored which can lead to unforeseeable costs. In today’s modern enterprise, Data Backup and Disaster Recovery is important. Here’s an infographic by INOC, a US-based Network Operations Center, that gives you a breakdown on how your businesses will benefit from cloud as well as important information that you would want to know.

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