India: In Need Of Cornea Transplants

India, the country of a million surprises, is also one such country among the developing ones that is in desperate need of cornea transplants. Cataract and Refractive Error of the lenses are some of the leading causes of blindness in India. Corneal Blindness is caused due to deficiency of Vitamin A in the diet as […]

The Hidden Part Of YouTube For Brands

The infographic takes a look at the difference in engagement between earned media versus owned media. On YouTube, earned media is vastly more popular than owned media. Earned media saw 300 million Youtube views compared to 24 million for owned media. Earned media had 35,000 videos while owned media had 260 videos. The infographic also provides additional statistics on some of the top brands on Youtube.

Best European football teams in 2013

I have calculated a score for each of the football teams that play in the 6 major leagues in Europe. The method is explained in the infographic.
In the infographic there are two types of classifications based on this score: the 10 best teams in Europe and the 5 best teams for each country.
Then there are the teams that won at least one competition during the year, and finally the rankings with the best Points per game, Average goals for and Average goals against scores.

Going Gray

More and more people are haunted by the gray hair obsession. In most cases, there is an entire network of factors behind the dreaded premature graying process, including an incorrect nutrition, genetic heritage, smoking and even vitiligo, the medical condition that triggers extensive hair and skin depigmentation. The Get Away Grey infographic indicates that more than 60% of all Americans are forced to deal with silvery hair before turning 40.

Battling Dry Skin During Winter

With winter comes the holidays but with winter also comes dry and chapped skin. It makes a great deal of difference onto how one takes care of the skin so as not to be overtly bothered while going out about how dry the skin might get and look. First and foremost, it is essential to […]

What’s Your Style Of Martial Arts

  Learning Martial Arts is something that stays with you lifelong and is not always connected with being used as a combat style but can also be learned to keep fit or just for the fun of being good at something that might come handy in rare situations only. But when you decided onto the […]

Deadliest Animals In the World {Infographic}

There are plenty of horror movies about animals that kill tons of people. Sharks may be scary but there are many other animals that kill many people around the world every year. This below visual by the Epoch Times shows the top 10 deadliest animals in the world. Not surprisingly, large predators are not responsible […]

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