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About ManojSodhani

Manoj Sodhani is a Mumbai-based entrepreneur. Averting the dilemmas and problems of NRIs is his prime domain. He bestows NRI solutions irrespective of boundaries, including indigenous territory and overseas. Document procurement, property management, financial/taxation/legal/insurance, Health/medical, immigration, education, tour and travels define a few categories of his NRI services. His motto is to provide seamless services and knowledge series to the Indian diaspora abroad.

How to Apply for Unmarried Certificate Attestation India?

Unmarried certificate identifies single status of an NRI. It is essential for marrying and studying abroad. Its form is available on the India embassy website. The applicant can get it in person as well. Unmarried certificate affidavit, application form, photocopy of passport, residential address and decree absolute (if divorcee) are required.

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What is Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)?

Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) is a police verified proof declaring no criminal history of the applicant. Police Commissioner and Consulate hold its issuance authority. It is issued for job and emigration purposes. OCIs, PIOs and Indian citizens are eligible to apply for it. 4 recent photographs, 3 application forms, notarized copy of the passport, Form U & Form J are submitted for it. Its […]

Steps to Get Certificate of No Marriage Online

Certificate of no marriage (CENOMAR) states the status of an NRI as ‘single’. It provides immunity from legality in any country and eligibility to marry abroad. The application form of it is downloaded from the website of Indian embassy. Scanned documents, like applicant’s ID, address and birth proof and affidavit, are sent for MEA attestation. It’s a legal document that proves one’s legal capacit […]

How to get Single Status Certificate in India?

Single Status Certificate (CENOMAR) is an essential document for the NRIs who intend to settle abroad after wedding. The governments of certain countries, like Philippines, Indonesia, Canada and Manila etc., ask for it to prove migrants’ legal capacity of marriage. Certain puzzles engulf one’s mind, like what legalities to face, from where to get it, whom to contact, whether to visit foreign consu […]

How to Apply for Pan Card?

Pan Card is used for filing income tax returns, payment of direct taxes and universal identification, etc. Now as per budget 2016, for NRIs pan card is not mandatory for filing returns but according to Section 206AA of Income Tax Act it will be useful in enoying tax benefits. For making it, you need to submit Form 49AA for NRIs and Form 49 A for others with annexed copy of your identity and addres […]

Tips to Get Passport without Birth Certificate

How Nris Can Get Passport Without Birth Certificate

Most out of NRI community confront problem in passport-making. Lacking birth certificate can pose as a challenge since it is mandatory for it. Individuals born before 26th January 1989 are exempted from this norm. They can submit their recognized school certificate. It should have his/her date of birth scripted clearly. Alternatively, an affi […]

Legal Solutions for NRIs Property

Legal solutions for NRIs are difficult to track but not impossible. Mostly, they catch up in two kinds of legal problems. The very first is related to property purchase and inheritance. And the second is connected to finance. Since amendments are the yearly routine work of the government, so it is compulsory to stay alarmed and updated. As ownership of the property is categorized into two subheadi […]

10 Qualities of a Real Estate Consultant

Investing in property is not as easy as a walk in the park. An NRI faces alike problems as an indigenous one. But hiring a veteran real estate consultant with good repo can solve most of his problems. Hiring any consultant of the housing sector may leave you puzzled. But a professional consultant can win half of the battle of property investment for you. However, he should have honesty, sugary ton […]

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