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About Farooq Ahmed

Farooq is an Entrepreneur, business angel investor. He has been creating, helping business for over 2 years. He just founded Bzurg after having failed to find an excellent firm himself and meeting a whole bunch of people/networks who pretended they had real talent and interest in business, or knew people who had interest in business, who pretended they knew what they were doing and gave out bad advice on valuation or business planning. "I was dishearten ... as a natural born entrepreneur and business planner that did not sit well"​ Now working hard to bring latest technology research, startups and Industry awareness in Pakistan. As the people were not interested in working hard for decades, but the situation is changed in last couple of years. People are more interested in bringing/establishing new business here in Pakistan.

The Demand of Cable in United States

In this infographic we describe the demand and users of different cable operators based in United States. […]

How to compare mortgage refinance programs online today

Hassle free process to compare mortgage refinance program online with lowest interest rates. Check out and get started today with free quotes

What Is Spread Betting By ForexSQ

Spread Betting trading is very common way to make money online in UK, Australia, Singapor or other countries, ForexSQ Financial news blog team will show you what is Spread Betting Online and How to do Spread Betting online in forex market, Reviews and comparison the best Spread Betting at ForexSQ.

What Is Spread Betting By ForexSQ

At we provide the best Spread Betting brokers […]

Your Career In Management

If you have good interpersonal skills and are highly organised, then you may suit a career in Management.
To pursue a career in Management, you must be confident in your abilities to lead a team effectively, communicate well, stay organised and be decisive.

There are currently 47,500 people employed in Management across Australia. This provides a broad range of exciting roles, from team leader […]

Can You Help the FDA Figure Out What Caused Smoking Rates to Plummet in 2015?

The percentage of adults aged 18 and over who were cigarette smokers in 2015 was 15.1 percent, down from 16.8 percent in 2014.

There are still marked differences by age, sex and ethnicity. Those least likely to smoke are aged 65+. Men still out smoke women by a sizeable margin and Hispanics are noticeably less likely to smoke than their White counterparts.

Smoking is the nation’s leading cau […]

Essential Tips for an Engaging Facebook Business Page

If you’ve decided to set up a Facebook Page for your company. Well, considering Facebook is home to more than 1.4 billion monthly active users, you’re making a smart move. With large customer base, easy-to-navigate interface and reasonable cost, Facebook can help your business grow with full potential. Facebook ensures that your money is spent wisely while targeting relevant age group, location an […]

360 Feedback -Let’s not mix with Performance Appraisals

Can 360 Feedback replace Performance Appraisals? But one is a development tool & the other is a performance evaluation tool for employees! Objectives are completely different.

Visit […]

Top Movies of All Time

In this infographics we mention the top movies of all time and are still seen online and offline platforms by majority of people. […]

How to find the perfect tennis racquet is India’s trusted online tennis store that offers ✓Free Shipping ✓30 Days Easy Return ✓Cash on Delivery ✓EMI. At Tennis hub You can buy quality tennis products at best prices. […]

World’s Top Ten Universities in 2016

In this infographic we mention the top ten universities in the world that offers online and regular classes to their students. […]

The Facts About Direct Mail, And Redi-Mail

A beautiful infographic from Redi-Mail blog post that highlights some of the many advantages of Direct Mail and how Redi-Mail, a results driven company, can help companies to expand their customer base and deliver results. […]

Xfinity on demand top ten TV for the week July 11 – July 17

In this infographic we share information about the top ten Xfinity on demand TV serials. […]

photo editing inforaphic

This is my photo editing infographic […]

Panda Cash Back

Start earning cash back, let say aliexpress cashback, on your online purchases! Provide consumer a global platform to help them save money by shopping online. […]

Learn Musical Instruments Online

Accu Music School offers online classes for learning various musical instruments to the beginners as well as to those who are more advanced. The teachers are highly qualified professionals who are available to the students at a more affordable price. […]

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