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About Farooq Ahmed

Farooq is an Entrepreneur, business angel investor. He has been creating, helping business for over 2 years. He just founded Bzurg after having failed to find an excellent firm himself and meeting a whole bunch of people/networks who pretended they had real talent and interest in business, or knew people who had interest in business, who pretended they knew what they were doing and gave out bad advice on valuation or business planning. "I was dishearten ... as a natural born entrepreneur and business planner that did not sit well"​ Now working hard to bring latest technology research, startups and Industry awareness in Pakistan. As the people were not interested in working hard for decades, but the situation is changed in last couple of years. People are more interested in bringing/establishing new business here in Pakistan.

Reasons To Use WordPress For Your Website

Go through the infographic to know the reasons why you should use WordPress to power your website. […]

Top 10 interesting facts about cats

The main reason why we’ve made an infographic is to increase people‘s knowledge about cats and dogs. I think that can stimulate people‘s interest and curiosity to our project. is a non-profit project dedicated to live streaming directly from animal shelters and breeders houses. The live streaming project aims to create a community that would help animals from several different co […]

10 Tips to Help Become a Pokémon Go Expert

You can only be on top of your game by rubbing shoulders with the very best! The popularity of Pokémon Go has spread all over the world, and the world-wide acceptance keeps growing. More and more countries are interestingly catching the fever as well! Millions of people have become addicted to Pokémon Go since it debuted in July 2016. Our Infographic includes a bag of tricks that can help anyone b […]

The Secret To Being Assertive At Work

Want to feel confident? Want to look impressive and be noticed? If you’re joining a new organisation or starting a different role at work, you’ll need to come across assertively and make the very best start. Use this simple 3 step technique and make an instant (and lasting!) impression at work. This Infographic shares the secret to being assertive at work. […]

Learning Activities For Preschoolers

Engage your preschoolers with fun learning activities. These activities will provide opportunities for children to build academic and learning skills and also have fun. […]

How to Start a Successful Career as a Freelancer

Before one starts working for top freelance websites, it is important to know the several aspects of freelance work. Be it uploading a portfolio or choosing clients wisely, every aspect of freelancing requires good attention. […]

4 Modern Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing

An infographic that creatively displays the 4 Modern Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing. It explains why Traditional Mail still remains an integral part of an effective marketing strategy for many businesses to target new prospects and generate more leads. […]

24×7 Live Support

Quick Hardware Repair & Troubleshooting Support From Expert Of 24x7LiveSupport.
Our tech supports team consist of qualified engineers teams who are pleased to serve your all the time.
24×7 Live Support is your trusted online solutions for all your bugs and Pc repairs problems.

Two Most Important Factors to Consider when looking for a New Home

Here are the two most important factors to consider when combing through new homes to pick one that suits your needs. […]

The Content Marketing Olympics

Are you the sporting type?
With a third of the British public completely obsessed with the Olympics and a further 42% stating they are engaged with the upcoming events it is really going to pay to have your content marketing strategy in the spirit of Rio 2016!
A record number of countries are participating in a record number of sports with over 10,500 athletes participating.
As content marketer […]

Ten Interesting Differences Between Cats and Dogs

Because dogs and cats are the two most common companion animals, and because both species walk on all fours and are covered with fur (most of them, anyway), there’s a tendency among humans to think they are more similar than they really are. […]

Effective Verbs To Use In Your Resume

Have you experienced flow yet, well if you are lucky then you may have experienced it, the great thing is, with practice you can hopefully get there many times a day. […]

Beginner’s Guide to Buying a Portable Keyboard Piano

This guide aims to help beginner piano students find the best keyboards which suits their needs. There are so many options and so many models to choose from — this guide should help newbies find the perfect keyboard in a short span of time! […]

5 insightful reasons to start your new business in a growing market

It is easier to make money in a market that is large and growing than in a market that is stagnant, declining or small. Get the best possible start for your new business by entering a growing market such as software-as-a-service. And you do NOT need up-front cash or be able to program software… […]

Definitive Guide To Growth Hacking [Infographic]

What is Growth hacking? You must have heard this word as it has been a trending concept around the startup world for a long time now. A large number of definitions and guides about growth hacking are available on the internet to put someone in a fix of selecting the right one.
Growth hacking is not just limited to search engine optimization, social media marketing strategy, email marketing,refer […]

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