How to Acquire Customers Without a Marketing Budget

The old adage “you have to spend money to make money” doesn’t always apply to marketing. If you have a product that people want, you don’t need a $100,000 marketing budget to acquire customers. There are ways to acquire them without spending a penny.

Today’s infographic shows you how to do just that. It applies to both startups and established companies. Following the infographic, you’ll find some recommended reading on acquiring customers without spending money.

Balance bike for your kids

Wooden balance bike is a bike  that made by both wood and metal and we need to balanced it. Though its made by wood and metal both,it’s called wooden balance bike. It’s mainly made for kids. Though it’s name bike, its not like the other ordinary motor bike.

Its have an own figure.  Its  look very attractive. Kids can use it simply. Inventors create it to develop  the skills of kids. There are many way to play. kids can bike ridding and balance it. It will be also the playing element  of a kid.

World is going to be fast and competitive.  We have to cope with this competitive  world. If a child  play or ride wooden balance bike he/she must be drive better another  thing then any ordinary  kids.

structure :

Wooden balance bike normally  made by wood and metal. It’s  not like other moto bikes. it has not any pedals . There is a saddle  to seat down of rider. It has no brake or it can have one or two hand activate brake. Wooden balance must be small sized that rider can sit comfortably  and walk on his feet.

History of wooden balance  bike:

Wooden balance  bike was first invented  by KARL DRAIS . Its first reported  ride from Mannheim to Rheinaw. Drais was a German inventor and invented  the running machine.  This incorporated the two wheeler and meant the beginning of mechanized  parsonal  transport.

Importance of wooden balance bike:

Wooden balance bike for kids helps kids  to learn balance  and steering. It also make them mentally  strong. They will come over the afraid  of any types of driving  section. Its not harmful. When a kid play with it ,he will see the mechanism of it and he obviously  learn a little  bit about it.

Kids must be take care about their bike and there is the point of careful about own things will be build  up. Wooden balance  bike also work as exercise  tool. when the kids will ride the bike,there mucles  will be strong and their body will be fit. Kids will be grow  well.

They will play and learn in the same way and their mental  and physical  growth  will be increase. So wodden balance  bike really a important thing for kids.

Negative  site :

Wooden balance  bike is not suitable for all the way. There are some problems and limitations.  First of all kids can’t use the bike alone. At the beginning of the ridding kids will be fall down.They can hurt.Unfortunately  a child fall down in wrong possition,there is a possibility to break his bones or hurted in we have to take it with safety.

popularity :

wooden balance bike is popular  in western  countries. The kids and parents  use it in a large number.They use it as a playing element of their kids. Tiwan is top of the world to made wooden balance  bike. It is made by strong and heavy woods that available  in there.

Final Verdict

Wooden balance bike is very  important  thing for kid.we can use it as their playing tool,learning  element,exerciser etc.It’s use is not difficult.  kids can use it simply. It’s prise rate is not so high. So anyone can buy it .

It has not any side effects  like other game as like video game,computer games etc that harm the eye site and also harm the skin and bones by electromagnetic rays.Every parent want see their kids  happy and want give the most happiness  of the world.

They never hurt them.Wooden balance bike can fill up this expectation  of parents in the safe way .Wooden balance bike playable,learnable.It is easy to use.wooden balance  bike is wonderful invention of technology for kids.

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