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About Farooq Ahmed

Farooq is an entrepreneur, inventor and author. He has been creating and helping businesses for years. He founded Arcift Technologies after having failed to find an excellent firm himself and meeting a whole bunch of people/networks who pretended they had interest in business, they pretended that they knew what they were doing and gave out bad advice on valuation & planning. "I was dishearten ... as a natural born entrepreneur and business planner that did not sit well"​ I am working hard to bring latest technology research, startups and Industry awareness in Pakistan. I have great interest in Artificial Intelligence, Clean Energy and Space Research.

How to choose the best pillow for side sleepers

Are you looking for best pillows for side sleepers? Read our reviews and you will be sure to find the pillows that meet your needs. […]

  • Promoting entrepreneurship in Pakistan

Promoting entrepreneurship in Pakistan

Business Pakistan is promoting entrepreneurship in Pakistan. Encouraging Pakistani entrepreneurs & business experts to help startups and young entrepreneurs. […]

  • The State of Marijuana Law

The State of Marijuana Law

A lot is changing on the map of marijuana legalization. With the last weeks voting an additional four states are added to the list of medical marijuana friendly states.

7 conseils pour gérer une équipe virtuelle

Nutcache est le logiciel de gestion de projet idéal pour gérer votre équipe virtuelle à distance. Il inclut une outil collaboratif de gestion des tâches et des membres, avec feuilles de temps, suivi du budget et facturation en ligne.

Création d’un compte gratuit sur […]

  • Bseball Bat

Best-rated youth baseball bat

When we talk about the youth regarding baseball. That means there is going to be a long talk that will be only pointed towards the players that have baseball skill and they are playing at junior level. While junior level leagues are different from senior level leagues one they all have in common is the game itself. So today we are going to talk about best youth baseball bats . Like big leagues, […]

  • Electric Card are Future infographic

Electric Vehicles Are The Future

Electric cars are the future, Elon Musk’s Tesla & Solar City both companies making this happen. Tesla has launched model 3, model s with autopilot features. […]

Lip Smacking Evolution Of Android

Everyone loves Android and Google makes it even better by providing updates every few months that can be installed for free. Android users can purchase or download their favourite apps from Google Play Store where thousands of new apps are added across categories every single day.

Top App Creators, an online listing service for top app development companies across the world, brings to you deta […]

Learn language with Japanese Examples

Baffled by the Japanese words called #Hiragana, #Katakana? Start learning Japanese language with the most advanced tool #Yomuzoku where you can comprehensively learn adapting Japanese characters with the basic #JapaneseExamples. With the advanced tool, learning Japanese made easy as you can practice reading and understanding the concepts of language. The tool is introduced with basic Japanese stor […]

The top 11 tips for any disabled traveler !

Here is a beautiful infographic that contains 11 tips and tricks for each disabled person who want to make a trip successfully and without making any problem or threat.

The advises are very important to check before taking the road, they are classed by 2 big parts : preparation section and while section.
Preparation side contains the materials and papers you have to collect and the choosing of […]

4 Best places to Travel in India

“Unity in diverseness” – the consistently utilized proclamation to depict Indian. India is one of the soonest states on the planet, full of wonderful and attractive aged locales. […]

Oracle RAC DBA Online Training

Oracle RAC DBA Online Training in USA, real-time training with expert having 10+ years of experience in Oracle RAC DBA & provide 100% Placement assistance. […]

How To Make The Flash Costume

It’s how to dress like Berry Allen as you can see in The Flash Series, this costume Consist of Mask, Jacket, Gloves, Trouser and Boots. A Complete Step by Step Guide about The Fans of The Flash Series .This Costume is perfect for you to wear on Halloween festival.

4 Things to remember while choosing Wedding Photographer

The new era of Wedding Photography […]

20 Reasons Your Business Needs Web Development

It make sense in today’s digital age for all businesses to have a web presence. Websites allow companies to reach a global audience, and they make it easier for customers to buy goods. […]

Happy Birthday Wishes

Send Exclusive Birthday Wishes to your friends, teachers, parents with e-cards, quotes, messages, sms, funny social sharing statutes etc. Share and Enjoy the moments. […]

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