Performance of Exterior Window Blinds and Interior Window Blinds

Pull up your window blinds to enjoy the view or the sun in winter months or pull them down for the privacy – window blinds are the most useful of features in a home. The simple and easy operation of window blinds has made them a common fixture in Australian homes.

The performance of exterior window blinds and interior window blinds goes much beyond the privacy issue. Both interior and exterior blinds add to the comfort level in the home by providing shade and preventing heat gain in the building.

Performance of Exterior Window Blinds:

Exterior window shading directly controls the solar heat that enters a building structure, effectively reducing the heat gain and adding to the comfort levels within. When exterior Venetian Blinds are used, the slats can be opened or closed as required depending on the angle of the sun’s rays. So during the day, the slats in the window blinds may be closed completely to keep out the sun or left partially open at an angle to let in ambient light but still prevent heat gain.

Installing exterior window blinds prevents the building from getting heated up during the hot summer months thus reducing the energy used to maintain the air-conditioning systems. However, effective performance of exterior window blinds depends on the control system used to set up the blinds for optimal solar control and to allow the right amount of light infiltration. As such, adjustable Venetian blinds are a good option for exterior shading.

Performance of Interior Window Blinds:

Interior window blinds can keep out the summer heat and retain the warmth in the winter months. Interior blinds deflect the light which would have otherwise entered the room and would be converted into heat. But how efficient is the performance of interior window blinds in reducing the heat gain in the room depends upon the colour of the fabric used. Silver or light coloured blinds reflect more light as compared to dark coloured shades.

How well interior blinds work also depends on how well your windows work. Do they close properly without leaving gaps? Are they well insulated? In winter you wouldn’t want the heat to be lost due to poorly insulated windows. Factors such as these are crucial to decide the performance of interior window blinds.

Generally speaking, interior window blinds keep the house cooler during summer and during the day and warmer during the nights and winter months. And of course, they afford the privacy, as well as the light and views as per your choice.

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How to Select the Best Coloured Window Blind

Apollo Blinds, Awnings & Shutter SpecialistWindow treatments come in a variety of material ranging from blinds, shades and roller shades. Window blinds are made from slats or vanes which can be opened or closed manually by pulling a cord or they can be automatically controlled with a remote control device. Blinds can be adjusted easily – they can be raised up to stack together, leaving an unobstructed view or the slats can be tilted at the desired angle to let in light and air as per your needs.

A well appointed window heightens the appearance of the room so you must ensure to select the best coloured window blind that would suit the overall décor of your home. Your window blinds can be of various types – you can choose from wooden blinds, vinyl blinds, faux wood blinds or aluminium blinds. All of these can be colour coordinated with the surrounding interior decoration. Nevertheless, here are few tips to select the best colour for your window blinds:

1. If you’re thinking in terms of wooden blinds, take a look at the window trim and select a colour that closely matches the trim. You could also have a blind in the colour that matches the floor or the furniture in the room. Wooden blinds come in painted and stained finish, so you might easily find a matching colour tone quite easily.

2. Aluminium blinds come in a variety of colours and you could easily colour match them with your interiors. If you want your window to stand out in the room décor, you can have an attractive colour for the blind. Of course, it must go well with some of the colours that already exist in the room.

Another option is to go by the same colour as the window trim. If you’d like the window blinds to blend in the background, then it’s a good idea to match them to the wall colour.

You could also use the basic metallic colour of the aluminium blind to match with your metallic lighting and door fixtures for a contemporary look.

3. In case you plan to decorate your window space with drapes or curtains, select a neutral colour for the blinds. Use the same colour as the wall for the blinds so that they blend in the background but lend emphasis to your curtains or drapes.

4. Consider for how long you will retain the same theme for your interiors. If you intend to leave it in place for a number of years, select neutral shades of colour for your window blinds. You can experiment with trendy colours for your window blinds if you change the window treatment very often.

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Adorn Your Windows with Affordable and Functional Vertical Blinds

Apollo Blinds, Awnings & Shutter SpecialistWindow blinds are modern age window treatment and a style statement product. From a few available options until some years ago, today window blinds are available in a array of styles, colours and materials. In fact, whatever the type of window in one’s home or office, one will have several options to choose from.

Vertical blinds are best suited for homes and offices with wide windows or sliding glass doors. While aluminium vertical blinds give one’s space a commercial “office” touch, fabric vertical blinds makes one’s space more personal. Fabric vertical blinds are ideally suited for homes and offices of senior staff.

Selecting the right coloured window blind is important. If one do not intend to change the colour of one’s room for several years at the very least, than by all means select a colour that would be a good contrast to the existing colour of one’s room. If on the other hand, one usually change the colour scheme every few years, opt for a more neutral colour and will easily blend with almost any colour on the wall.

Once one’ve got the colour scheme out of the way, decide on the material of the window blind. These days even if were to opt for the budget or affordable section of window blinds store, one will find a vast array of materials on offer.

Highly affordable and very functional vertical blinds can be made from wood including faux wood, aluminium, fabric and so forth. Window blinds made from wood infuses a more softer, organic feel to windows. Aluminium blind infuses a more anti-septic commercial feel to the room. Amongst the affordable window blinds section, faux wood blinds seem to be the preferred choice of most customers. Faux wood blinds are very affordable, resists moisture well, and looks great in kitchens, bathrooms and clammy climates.

While browsing through the faux wood window blinds section, one will probably notice a section on woven wood blinds. A woven wood window blind will add a very organic texture to the room. They tend to add a more relaxed, comfy feel to the room and enhance and warm almost any type of room décor.

Wood blinds are usually sold with decorative cloth-face tape that acts as a ambient light filter. These tapes themselves are available in a variety of styles – be sure to look at all and select the one most appropriate for one’s room.

When looking for affordable Roman Blinds Sutherland Shire, make sure one do not compromise on quality by buying blinds that may not last beyond a couple of years at best. Window blinds are an investment. China made window blinds may look as appealing as their more expansive Australian or European counterparts – but remember they are cheap for a reason and most of it has to do with the kind of material used in the manufacture process and the thickness of the slats. One do not want to buy Roman Blinds Hunterblinds that constantly and consistently get fouled up each time one open or close them.

Installation of the Motorised Blinds and Shades

When it time to upgrade your cell phone, you will probably buy a smartphone. Similarly when it is time to replace your fading window blinds, you should probably opt for motorised blinds and shades because the corded window blinds are now a thing of the past.

We know of a customer who is an engineer working for a local telecommunications company. He reduced his winter heating bills by almost 50% by having all the window blinds automatically raised on receiving a SMS to the unit. Of course, he did the technology marriage himself but you could easily add a timer to the unit and have all the blinds raised or lowered at pre-set times of the day – just goes to prove that with motorised window blinds and shades, the possibilities are immense.

Today we have refrigerators that sense the quantity of food stored and accordingly regulate both the temperature and the air movement within the refrigerator. In fact, interior decorators have coined a whole new term for this – they call it “smart and connected living”.

The benefits of motorised blinds are many and include:
1.    The ability to control your blinds and shades with the touch of a button.
2.    Do away the unsightly cords that pose a risk to children and pets.
3.    Cost reductions on your home heating bills.
4.    Adds a “wow” factor and ups the market value of your home.

Before you decide to go ahead and place an order for Motorised Venetians Blinds at your local Apollo Blinds Stores, you should have their technician come over and check your existing window treatment. He will eyeball the existing fitments to see if they are compatible with motorisation. He will also figure out the type and size of motor required. Having a technician look over the existing fitments ensures your purchase and installation of motorised blinds and shades goes smoothly.

A word about motors. These days like everything else, the market is flooded with cheap Chinese motors. These more often than not, do not deliver the torque (power output) mentioned on the boiler plate of the motor. As you might imagine, the result is less than satisfying.

When you talk to the knowledgeable sales folk at Apollo Blinds, you will find that Apollo Blinds kit always pairs the correct motors for given window size and weight of the blind or shade. Remember, buying a motor is an investment. It is not something you want to change on a regular basis. So it is important to get it right the first time.

Finally, unless you are DIY guy and have done similar installations before, it is better to have the staff from window Roman Blinds Liverpool store come and do the installation for you. Getting the alignment correct is critical to the smooth functioning of your new motorised blinds and shades.