Pokies or Electronic Gaming Machines account for 62% of all gambling expenditure and of the 1 in 6 people with a gambling problem in this country, only 1 in 5 cannot blame the pokies! As problem gambling gets progressively worse in Australia we must look at the facts and accept that until the Pokies go, the problems will not. Australians love a punt more than any other nation in the world but our obsession with pokies is slowly driving a wedge in the very fabric of Australian Society. Gambling is not the issue as it is solely the Pokies and various casino slots games that are driving addiction and average spend levels through the roof. The statistics tell a frightening story. While the rest of the world manages to control their gambling and keep their average annual expenditure on pokies and slot machines to a minimum, Australian punters are managing to spend nearly double everyone else, with money spent on pokies contributing over 62% of this figure and raising alarm bells from Tasmania to the Top End. This infographic examines the Aussie’s penchant for pokies and seeks to understand why.