However, for e-learning assessment, fill in the blank quiz is still on the must-to-do list, just as in paper test. So here I will first talk about several ways to make online fill in the blank quiz and make your fill in the blank quiz more attractive.

1. Using javascript to make Fill in the Blank quiz for website

Just use the code below in the html code of your website:

function valid() {
cor = “0?
incor = “0?
test0 = document.myform.elements[0].value;
test1 = document.myform.elements[1].value;
if (test0.toLowerCase() == “”) {
++cor; }
else ++incor
if (test1.toLowerCase() == “chrismiceli”) {
++cor; }
else ++incor
alert(“you got ” + cor + ” rightn And you got ” + incor + ” wrong. You got ” + cor/2 * 100 + “% correct!”);
// –>

1. which city is the capital of the USA?

2. who is the president of America?

If you have some basic knowledge of webpage making, you could choose to write Javascript to make Fill in the Blank quiz for web. But if this seems too complicated to you? Then try the second way, it’s much easier.


ProProfs can make Fill in the Blank test as well

ProProfs is a well known online test making website. It just has 3 question sorts and Fill in the Blank is one of them. The procedure of making Fill in the Blank test with ProProfs is essentially the same with QuizCreator, only a couple clicks and alter. However the out put is marginally diverse. You can at present share the test on the web, yet no single blaze would be produced.

5 Ways to Make an Online Fill in the Blanks Quiz

4. For Mac, use Hot Potatoes to make test

5 Ways to Make an Online Fill in the Blanks Quiz

I have known Hot Potatoes for not quite a while. Furthermore, it’s entirely well known among Mac clients, despite the fact that it has the form for windows. Hot Potato is additionally a web test creation instrument. It has the element to make a hole fill test. Presently Hot Potatoes report that they will discharge a freeware form for all clients on September 1.

5. Attempt to accomplish more with the creativity of your test

At long last I need to say on the off chance that you truly need to make your Fill in Blank test more appealing, you have to brainstorm more innovative thoughts before you begin to make the test. For instance, I once saw a test online which leave the accentuations as holes for test takers to fill. This is a dialect test and this inquiry is to test control over sentence structure. Now and again you simply need this sort of developments keeping in mind the end goal to make the old design Fill in the Blank test another style.This article is written by Jobsense , Have a look to music trivia for more information.