Infographic How To Warm Up Your Voice So You Can Sing Your Best And Stay Healthy!

as singers, our bodies are our instruments, so we need to make sure that all of our muscles, including the vocal cords, are ready to meet the demands of singing. Let’s get started! 1. GET AND STAY HYDRATED Water lubricates the vocal folds and eliminates toxins that make you sick. Avoid excessive alcohol, caffeine, and ...
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Longest UFC Win Streaks

This infographic charts the longest win streaks in UFC history as well as the most UFC title defences. It will come as no surprise to see ex Middleweight Champion Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva at the top with an incredible 16 consecutive wins and 9 title defences. Via
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Infographic The Ultimate Way To Organize Your Fridge

UPPER SHELVES Leftovers Drinks Ready-to-eat foods Herbs ON TOP Appliances Paper towels Cookbooks Don’t store here Wine Bread Produce DOORS Condiments Juices Water Don’t store here Eggs Dairy LOWER SHELVES Eggs Dairy Raw meat FREEZER Ice Frozen fruits Frozen veggies Stock Meat Tortillas Bread Pasta sauce Eggs CRISPER Fruit Veggies (Keep these separate) OPTIONAL FRIDGE ...
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