Phones of 2014

Top Mobile Phones of 2014

We’ve dug up some interesting stats from our users in 2014. The most popular handsets this year are: Samsung Galaxy S 4 Apple iPhone 5s 16GB Samsung Galaxy S 5 HTC One M8 Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Motorola Moto G Sony Xperia Z1 Compact Apple iPhone 4S 8GB LG G3 LG Nexus 5.

12 Items you will need to Dress in Formal Highland Wear

Dressing for a formal event in Scotland requires knowledge of Highland Dress. There are numerous variations on what should be worn but this infographic from details exactly what should be worn and why.
Firstly you should always pick your tartan because this can set the theme and colour code of the rest of your outfit. The tartan chosen usually reflects your family name. For example, if your last name or your ancestral family name was Wallace, then you would choose the Wallace tartan.
Then you would need to decide on a jacket, shirt and tie. For formal occasions the traditional jacket would be the Prince Charlie Jacket and waistcoat with a bow tie and a white wing collar shirt.
You would also have to consider accessories including cuff links, kilt pin and Dress Sporran – which should match in with your colours.
From the knee down you would need a pair of kilt hoes and to keep these up as you dance the night away you would require a pair of kilt flashes, which again should go with your kilt.
For shoes men traditionally wear Ghillie brogues which come in a variety of styles and colours.

How to choose a company name in Australia

How do you choose a company name when registering a company in Australia? What are the differences between a company and business name? What is and isn’t acceptable and how will your company name be used?

The team at LawPath have created a simple infographic with all the answers you’re looking for.

LawPath Infographic How to choose a company name

Utilising Social Media to Market Your Business

Knowing which social media platform you need for your business can be tricky, but with this infographic from you should be able to see which ones would work for your business based on target audience, best times of day for social interaction, best uses of marketing and the reasons behind success.
There are a multitude of social media boards to choose from, but you shouldn’t just choose one and hope for the best. Some platforms work better for some businesses than others. For example statistics show that Twitter’s fastest growing demographic is 55-64 year olds. If most of your customer base are aged between 25 and 34, then perhaps Facebook would be a better option for you because the majority of their users are that age.
Similarly, if you know that most of your customers are in a similar line of work then perhaps growing your circles on Google+ would be advantageous because 70% of business brands have a presence on Google+. Plus setting up a LinkedIn profile could be advantageous if you have knowledge that your client base are mostly males with graduate level education.
Knowing your audience is a necessity when faced with a choice for social interaction, but you should know your business too. For example if you feel that creativity is a big part of your business then using Instagram and YouTube could definitely be an option for your business as every day 55 million posts are shared and 1.2 billion likes are given. On YouTube 500 years of videos are watched every day and 100 hours of video are uploaded each minute.
If you have a lot of information to share that is relevant to your business then it may be wise to start a blog. Statistics show that companies with a blog have 97% more inbound links. Also consider e-mail marketing as consumers spend 138% more than people who don’t receive e-mail marketing messages.