Halloween Around The World

Halloween is one of the world’s oldest celebrations, but the form in which the holiday can be found today is quite different from what we might have seen in the past. Yes, strange as it may seem, Halloween was more often than not a religious observance meant for remembrance of those who have passed away. Discover the eerie origins of Halloween, and the creepy ways it’s celebrated around the world with this infographic from Angels Fancy Dress.

Halloween Around The World

Infographic by Halloween Around The World

10 Ways to Transform Your Shed

Man Caves and She Sheds are all the rage right now, but your little garden shed can be so much more! Imagine having your own bar at the bottom of your garden, or a even a private studio for all you aspiring artists out there. Get ideas for a unique and personal space you can call your own with this infographic on how to turn your shed into somewhere a bit more cosy than a tool box.

For all you lovers of DIY it’s so simple to turn your dull old space into a new stylish sanctuary from the chaos of your everyday life. Whether you want a space to put your noisy kids, messy pets or annoying partners, your shed will cater for all.

This infographic is brought to you by www.shedsfirst.co.uk

Tips to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Online shopping has pretty much become a norm, and the retail industry comfortably straddles both web and mobile sectors. However, the retail industry still continues to suffer from the bane that is shopping cart abandonment – where shoppers add items to their cart, but leave the site without completing the purchase. The average rate of abandonment this year has been 68%. As more and more users turn to online shopping, this rate will only increase if retailers do not take the necessary steps to improve their customers’ shopping experience.

This infographic from Forix highlights the main causes of cart abandonment, and provides tips that online retailers must follow to reduce the frequency of cart abandonment on their sites.

Tips to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Odd Sock Information

This image presents #RandomSockFacts from the realm of socks by Corgi Hosiery, a reputable sock manufacturer based in the UK. Discover Corgi’s extensive range of quality cashmere socks and cotton socks.

Odd Sock Information

Everybody loves socks, for the comfort, the colour, the pattern, the statement.  Socks can add character to an outfit, start conversations or simply help keep your toes toasty during those long winter months. Whether they are low, crew, knee-high or no-show, socks are significant. Let’s take a brief look at the world of socks.


When it comes to colour, it is no surprise that black socks are by far the most commonly worn sock colour throughout the world. They are especially widespread in Holland.

Next in line is another member of the traditional colour spectrum –blue socks.

White socks are still surprisingly popular, particularly among men, despite the fashion vendetta against them.

Next come plain old grey socks, which appear to be more frequently worn in the UK and Germany than elsewhere.

Red socks are particularly popular in Scandinavia, whereas in the UK, colourful and patterned socks are favoured.

Odd sock facts

The average person will own over a couple of thousand pairs of socks in his/her lifetime.

The kilt and knee socks are an ever-present element of Prince Charles’ attire

Socks generally wear out on the toe first.

The design on the side or ankle of a sock is called a clock.

Sock hops were popular in the 1950s – where everyone danced in their stockings.

A family of four will lose up to sixty socks every year. Where do all those odd socks go?

Cultural info

In Japan, socks are so important that even chairs wear socks! The socks simply protect floors from Western-style chairs.

In Denmark at the end of the wedding dance, the men will often grab the groom and remove his shoes and socks.  They generally proceed to cut up the socks, symbolically to test his new wife’s sewing skills!

Socks are very exposed in Japan where everyone systematically takes off their shoes when they go inside.  So socks just have to be as nice as possible, whether they are the traditional two-toed Tabi, five-toed socks, which were invented in Spain, but popularized in Japan or screen-printed socks, another Japanese specialty.


In the U.K., socks and stockings create much excitement at Christmastime, when Father Christmas traditionally fills them with goodies and oranges. In many other countries, children leave out shoes instead.

In Brazil, if Papai Noel finds a child’s sock, he exchanges it for a present.

In Holland, children traditionally left out clogs filled with hay for Father Christmas’ horse and received gifts in them in return.



Socks absorb almost half a liter of sweat per day!

Japanese researchers at the University of Tsukuba showed that five-toed socks improve circulation in comparison with standard socks. They also supposedly help prevent athlete’s foot.

In extreme cold conditions, frostbite can occur in 30 minutes or less! Warm, well-fitting socks can prevent this.

It is clear that socks are a pervasive element of everyday life. Not only are they vital items of clothing and indispensable presents, but they are also steeped in tradition. Whatever materials, shapes and sizes you prefer, quality socks are the key to happy feet.

“Good friends, good books, good socks, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.” – Mark Twain

How to Spot and Avoid Bad Beauty Advice?

Beauty advice is flooding the internet, but how much of it is exactly helpful to our beauty routines? The answer here may be a bit shocking! To help out, the beautician experts at the OGLE Schools have prepared the ultimate guide on how to spot and avoid bad beauty advice, so you don’t ruin your beauty routine! Check out the amazing infographic below:

Bad Beauty Advice, Avoid Bad Advice from Your Head to Toes
Bad Beauty Advice, Avoid Bad Advice from Your Head to Toes Created By: Ogle School

9 Ways To Use Scrapebox For White Hat SEO

So you’re one of the people who think Scrapebox is only a tool that black hatters use to fool the search engines into believing a site is more popular than it really is? Think again. It does so much more than that. In fact you can use it for white hat SEO as well. In this infographic we share several things youc an do with the software to market your business.

9 Ways To Use Scrapebox For White Hat SEO

Infographic by What Hat SEO Tips

10 Best Mustang Movies of All Time

We all have our favorite movies. Some like westerns while others like romantic comedies. Here at Car Computer Exchange we love movies with Mustangs in them. We’re not talking the four legged variety of Mustang either. When we say Mustang, we mean MUSTANG. The one with four wheels and tons of attitude. In this graphic we share what our favorite ten ‘Stang movies of all time are.

Perks of having straight teeth

Infographic by Jeep ECM