Costa Rica Coffee Key Facts

If you’re a coffee lover, a barista and have heard about Costa Rican coffee or even tried it, you must know this!


Costa Rica produces 1% of all coffee in the world, and it ranks as the 14th largest coffee producer in the world!

Becasue of these and many other reasons is why Costa Rican coffee is one of the best coffees in the world!

What is Excessive Alcohol Consumption Costing our Economy?

<а>The Hidden Costs of Alcoholism - An Infographic from American Addiction Centers

Embedded from American Addiction Centers

It is costing the US approximately $223.5 billion a year to deal with the effects of excessive alcohol consumption. This includes the costs of cleaning up car wrecks from alcohol-related driving accidents, paying for criminal justice costs, specialty treatments for alcohol abuse and dependence, as well as impaired productivity in the workplace. About 2.3% of health costs were a result of drinking during pregnancy. You can find more facts about the hidden costs that alcoholism is putting on the economy from this infographic here, along with the accompanying article.

Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

 Spring Home Maintenance Checklist
The Goodale Miller Team – Oakville’s Leading Luxury Real Estate Team

Well spring has finally arrived and with it comes warmer weather, longer days and of course your annual spring cleaning! In our latest infographic, we’ve gone over some tips to help you keep your home in top notch shape, so you can head into the sunshine worry free!

20 Motivational Quotes from Successful Entrepreneurs

20 Motivational Entrepreneur Success Quotes

Entrepreneurs are some of the most successful and well known people in the world today. In addition to their own success and achievements, they are also looked up to and infamous for their quotes. 20 well known entrepreneurs are highlighted in this infographic, along with a success quote for each.

10 Things to do In Cozumel

Cozumel Excursions

You could argue that Cozumel is a great vacation destination for any number of reasons. From its convenient proximity, amazing beaches, excellent scuba diving, calming atmosphere or any number of other reasons this Mexican island is definitely worthy of your consideration. There’s very little wrong with a tropical island for your next vacation.